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10 Chilling Predictions Made By Stephen Hawking That Will Give You Goosebumps

Published on: 16/03/18 10:35 AM

Stephen Hawking, A man who offered numerous chilling details about our universe, has said goodbye to the world on 14th March. He passed away on the same day when Albert Einstein had born before 139 years. While the world is mourning over the demise of the greatest physicist of the 21st century, let’s find out 10 chilling predictions made by him about our world.

1. Extinction of humanity

Humanity Extinction - Stephen Hawking Predictions


Stephen Hawking has always cautioned the world about the end of the world. According to him, we have less than 600 years to migrate to another planet before the Armageddon. He had predicted that our planet will get overpopulated because of which survival on earth will be very difficult.

2. Machines will rule the planet

Role of Machines in Furure - Stephen Hawking


Seems like a scenario of a Hollywood movie, but Stephen Hawking had predicted that it can happen in the future. He has predicted that the full development of Artificial Intelligence can allude the end of the human race on this planet.

3. We cannot survive another millennium

Earth Survival Ways by Physicist Stephen Hawkings


It is one of the wildest predictions made by the greatest physicist of our age. He used to believe that we can survive only if we find another Earth-like planet beyond our solar system or turn another planet in our solar system into an inhabitable planet. We have less than 1000 years to migrate, so we must hurry now.

4. Human aggression will cross all the limits

End of World Predictions by Stephen Hawking


The world has already seen the devastating power of two nuclear bombs during 1945. Hawking has predicted that a war between the major countries will be a nuclear war and it can cause the end within a few minutes.

5. Trump has made a huge mistake

What Mistakes We Made - 2030 World Predictions by Stephen Hawking


“We’re Getting Out”, that’s what Donald Trump has said while he had refused to sign the Paris Climate Agreement as an American President. It was a terrible decision and Hawking believed that it will cause unavoidable damage to our beautiful planet.

6. Population growth will destroy our planet

Population Predictions by Physicist Stephen HawkingSource

The Earth is the only inhabitable planet in our solar system. It can keep up with the constant population growth only till 2600. It will not be livable if the population growth is not controlled now.

7. Global warming will turn the Earth into Venus

Global Warming Threat - Stephen Hawking Warning for the WorldSource

Global warming is the biggest concern for the geophysicist. Our planet’s temperature is raising pretty fast. Stephen Hawking has also predicted that the Earth will become like Venus and then the temperature would be above 250°C.

8. The earth is in constant danger

Dangers in Earth - Stephen Hawking Predictions for Earth


Asteroids are wandering around our solar system, epidemics are threatening, and the climate is changing quite rapidly. One of these things can soon cause a devastating destruction.

9. Humans will soon colonize Mars and Moon

Humans will Colonize - Stephen Hawking Predictions 2030


Hence Earth will not be a habitable planet in the future, humans will find the ways of colonizing the Moon and Mars. Stephen Hawking has predicted that humans will find the ways of surviving in Mars’s hostile environment and it will be our new home.

10. The future of humanity depends on how much we invest in space research

Stephen Hawkings Warnings about world


Stephen Hawking firmly believed that humans can survive only if space exploration will continue. It will open new doors for the survival in the hostile space and then humans can dream about migrating to a new world.

Stephen Hawking is no more today, but his thoughts are still buzzing around. All the leading physicists agree with what he has claimed and predicted. We must take his predictions seriously to find new inhabitable worlds beyond our solar system.

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