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10 Common Misconceptions The World Needs To Clear About Pakistan

Published on: 22/08/17 6:21 PM

Today, we are going to remove many misconceptions about Pakistan. Here are 10 Common Misconceptions the World Needs to Clear about Pakistan!

India and Pakistan have always had an obligation to each other. The reputation of Pakistan is not so good as other countries, everywhere in the world. However, today we are going to remove many misconceptions about Pakistan. Here are 10 Common Misconceptions the World Needs to Clear about Pakistan.

1. Women Are Oppressed In Pakistan


Yes, there is indeed a lot which needs to be changed in the country, but it never as bad as portrayed by western media. This conception needs to be completely changed. Pakistan’s first female fighter pilot Ayesha Farooq , entrepreneur Aamina Jahangir, Actress Mahira Khan etc are few names which prooved as a pride of their nation Pakistan.

2. All Pakistani's Are Terrorists


It is true that a large number of people from Pakistan have been involved in Global Terrorism, but calling everyone to be terrorists would not be right. It is true that the majority of Pakistani families wish to rule a peaceful life.

3. Pakistanis Don’t Party


The only answer to this would be to have a visit to all the bars and the pubs which are there in Pakistan. You would be mesmerized to know that, so many people to visit here regularly.

4. Pakistani Men Wear Turban And Traditional Dresses Only


It is never true at all that all the Pakistani Men wars a Turban. There are a lot of people whom you might find wearing new and trending fashion clothes.

5. Pakistani's Speak Arabic


The mother tongues of Pakistanis are Urdu. It is a complete misconception that Pakistanis speak Arabic. However, there are also around 49% of total populations who can speak higher level English.

6. All Women Wear Burqa


Indeed, you might be seeing a lot of women who wear a burqa. However, it is never a compulsory for every woman to wear a burqa. You might find a lot of women not dressed in a burqa.

7. Undeveloped Cities


There are indeed a lot left to be done to develop the cities, but it does not mean that Pakistan is underdeveloped. The situation of development is never as grim as spotted by western media.

8. Camels And Donkeys Are The Means Of Transport


This is not true at all. Camels and donkeys are the means of transportation only in the places which are filled with desserts. However, you can also get to see modern-day transportation mediums n most of the part of the country.

9. Pakistanis Are Uneducated


It is another misconception about the country stating that Pakistanis are illiterate. A considerable number of populations in the country are educated, and some have brought many laurels to the International level.

10. Pakistan Is In Middle-East


One of the biggest misconceptions about Pakistan is that Pakistan is in the Middle-East! This is entirely wrong as Pakistan is considered to be in South Asia and also a part of the Indian Sub-continent.

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