10 Countries With the Highest Democratic Government

Published on: 29/04/18 12:32 PM

There are 123 democratic countries in the world. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has made a survey to test the state of democracy in 167 countries. It has ranked all the countries by considering certain parameters.

India is famous as the world’s largest democracy, but EIU has ranked it at the 42nd position. Countries like the USA and Japan, France, Israel, etc. have also not succeeded in gaining a position among top 20 countries with the highest democratic government.

How did EIU rank countries?

As you can check in this list India and other major democratic nations did not position among the top 10 nations with the highest democratic government. EIU was not looking for the largest democracy, but for the countries with the highest democratic governments.It did some research and applied this method to index each country on an appropriate position.

60 different questions were asked and there were 2-3 alternative options in each answer. EIU hired some experts to analyze and assess the reports of each nation. It did not mention the experts are scholars or normal surveyors. EIU did not mention the nationality and their qualification. So, if your country is not among the top democratic countries, do not get too sad about it.

What does the rank represent?

The top rank represents a country that has gained the best score in EIU’s survey. The last rank obviously represents a poor score of a country. People in a democratic country get the right to speak, protest, elect, and make all their decisions. Nobody dictates them and that’s how a democratic country becomes the best nation to live. The rank in this survey presents countries that offer their citizens all the democratic rights.

You are going to find many amazing names on this list. You may probably like to visit some of these nations because there is democracy along with natural charms and plenty of tourist locations.

1. Norway

According to EIU Norway has the highest democratic government. It kept in the Full Democracy category because it gained the score of 9.87 points. It is not only one of the most beautiful countries to spend the life, but also the best in all other aspects of life.

2. Iceland

Iceland has gained the 2nd position with the score of 9.58 points. This country has an excellent electoral process, the government performs exceptionally well, and the civil liberties are impressive in this nation.

3. Sweden

Sweden is ranked as 3rd highest democracy in the world with 9.39 score. The Swedish government performs really great, the quality of life is excellent here, and this country is one of the safest nations to live a happy life.

4. New Zealand

Ranked at the 4th position among the highest democratic countries, New Zealand is a beautiful nation to live a calm and enjoyable life. The Kiwis get everything a human being needs to live a happy and prosperous life.

5. Denmark

Denmark has the fifth highest democratic government in the world. It gained 9.22 score which is quite impressive in terms of providing good quality life with all the fundamental rights.

6. Ireland

Renowned as the third largest island in Europe, Ireland is also one of the greatest nations to spend the life. It gained 9.15 score in EIU’s research that proves how delightful life the Irish people are spending.

7. Canada

EIU has kept Ireland and Canada at the same position because both countries have gained 9.15 score. However, political culture and political participation are better in Ireland than Canada that’s why it is at the 7th position in our list.

8. Australia

Though there were some disputes in Australia at the beginning of the 21st century, things are quite better now. Every citizen and migrant gets a chance of living a high-quality life in this beautiful country. Probably that’s why Australia has gained 9.09 score and became the 8th highest democracy in the world.

9. Finland

It is a bit weird that Finland is at the 9th position because everything is impressive about this European country. Finland has gained 9.03 score for the quality of life, political participation of people, and the high-quality political culture.

10. Switzerland

The favorite holiday location for thousands of people across the globe, Switzerland has gained the 10th position among the countries with the highest democratic governments. It has also gained 9.03 score and thus it has beaten many countries to gain this position.

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