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10 Facts About Area 51 That They Don’t Want You To Know

Published on: 8/09/17 1:15 PM

The Secret behind Area 51.

Ever Since it has been established, a lot of people are attracted towards the military base of Area 51. Most of the people are very much keen to know what lies within the perimeter of the military airbase.


Located in a secret location within Nevada Desert, the Area 51 is been restricted from the public visit for almost 60 years now and also it is no fly zone. Area 51 is a secret place of operations which is run by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) since the inception. With the latest satellite images, many hidden secrets have been leaked out. Here are 10 Facts about Area 51 That They Don’t Want You to Know!

10. Most Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory


In a book written by Annie Jacobsen in 2011, she claimed that Area 51 is a site where an alleged crashing of a UFO in 1947 was spotted. Denying it, she said that it was a Soviet Mission which was plotted by genetically engineered children.

9. Helicopters Used In Bin Laden Raid


It is claimed that the Seal Team Six who were carried by a Helicopter was actually tested in Area 51 site. Both the Blackhawk helicopters were structured and tested in Area 51 site.

8. Next Generation Spy Plane


The Area 51 site is a technically advanced workspace for the Military. The new satellite data reveals that there might be a new project underway. We all are expecting that it would be a Next Generation Spy Plane!

7. Photos Were Once Inadvertently Taken Of the Base


During a flight on board to Skylab, a group of inexperienced astronauts took some photographs of the Area 51 site which triggered a security debate. The CIA director William Colby was questioned by all.

6. US Army Accused Of Using Toxic Substances at Area 51


There are many suggestions that the military took advantage of the secrecy of the area with the help of toxic substances. However, due to this a lot of people fell ill because of this and also some died.

5. Area 51 Was Accidentally Disclosed


It was a Government Memo in the year of 1967 when CIA director Richard Helms sent one memo which dealt with the surveillance aircraft sent from Area 51. However, the matter did not get much public exposure.

4. Foreign Aircrafts Were Present At the Base


The Area 51 was actually a site built for testing captured technology from aircrafts belonging to hostile powers. In the year of 1970, a secret examination went on against the Soviet radar systems through the aircraft.

3. First Drone Test Flight


While the use of drones has now been a big call, the Area 51 was also the location of the first test flight in the year of 1964. The D21 drone was sent from here for four spying missions over China in between 1969 and 1971.

2. The First Operation at Area 51 Involved the U2 Spy Plane


Originally, the site was a Test center for the U2 spy plane which was developed after the World War II. However, in May 1960, the U2 flight was launched from here for a crash over the Soviet Union.

1. The Official Existence was dated on 2013


According to the sources, the nature of work undertaken by the Government is considered to be very sensitive by the CIA and thus the Area 51 was not even recognized by them. However, the existence was admitted in a classified report.

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