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10 Facts Where India Beats The Hell Out Of Other Countries

Published on: 17/08/17 4:52 PM

India has surpassed many developed countries in particular areas. Well, here are 10 Facts Where India Beats the Hell Out Of Other Countries!

Our Country Has recently surpassed the 70th Year of Independence, and it is the time for us to celebrate. A Home of over 1.3 billion people, India has some of the most remarkable feats that the world can be envious about. 

With the rate of development being high, India has surpassed many developed countries in particular areas. Well, here are 10 Facts Where India Beats the Hell Out Of Other Countries.

1. Indian Air Force


The Indian Air Force is the 4th most feared air force in the world. It has almost 905 combat planes along with 1,820 aircraft and also 310 Attackers which gives a potential threat to any of the rivals.

With the introduction of Tejas aircraft in Indian Air Force , the power of Indian Air Force has increased too many times. Tejas is said to be the world's smallest, lightweight, single engined, tactical fighter aircraft which is made in India.

2. Indian IT sector


The steady growth of Indian IT sector defines that it is now the country has second largest IT industry in the world. If the growth continues like this, we will shortly take over China and claim the number one spot.

3. Indian Army


The Indian Army composes of 1,22,010 active personnel and 9,90,960 reserve personnel. In fact, the Indian Army is the third largest army in the world which constitutes around 80% of the total defense personnel in India.

4. First Asian Nation to Reach Mars Orbit


The Mars Mission does not require any other introduction. The arrival of Mangalyaan marks India to become the First Asian Nation to Reach Mars Orbit and also the fourth country in the world to do so. The total project cost was around 450 Crore Rupees which was the lowest successful Mars Orbital nation.

5. Yoga and Ayurveda


Yoga and Ayurveda are now globally acclaimed as a natural therapy of many diseases. Both of these ancient Indian Cultures has made the country feel proud of the early history of humankind.

6. Solar-Powered Cochin Airport


We Indians have always strived to make this Earth a better place and a living proof of this is the Cochin Airport. The Cochin Airport holds the distinction to be the first ever Airport in the world which is completely run by Solar Power.

7. Number of Internet Users


Do you even wonder why Facebook, Google or even Amazon considers India as their top priority? This is just because India has the highest numbers of Internet users in the world. It has approximately 462,124,989 numbers of Internet Users which is much more than USA, Japan or even Russia.

8. Thorium-Based Nuclear Power


Thorium has been available in our country since ages. However, it was never added as a source of fuel because not many scientists thought of researching on it. The nuclear energy produced by Thorium lasts longer and is also less toxic. Now, the world must thank India for protecting the Uranium deposits.

9. Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) system


India has developed its own remote sensing satellite program which will help the country a lot. Previously we used to have information from US Satellite program, but now, it has its own satellite program. This will probably help the country in many ways by reducing the natural disaster deaths and also increasing the economic growth.

10. High Altitude Mountain Warfare


India certainly has a commendable mountain warfare expertise. Selected soldiers from UK, Germany and also the USA are sent to the HAWS (High Altitude Warfare School) in Jammu and Kashmir. It is also regarded as one of the best warfare academies in the world.

All these achievements of India will certainly make us feel proud to say: 

"Saare Jahaan Sey Accha Hindustaan Humaara"

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