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10 Facts Which We Feel Are Absolutely True But Actually Aren’t!

Published on: 9/08/17 3:06 PM

All of us read a lot of things on Different Social Media Platform. Here is a list of 10 Facts Which We Feel Are Absolutely True but Actually Aren’t.

All of us read a lot of things on Different Social Media Platform and there are hardly a few things which we believed in! But, what if the things we believed in are turned upside down and are not true at all? Are your feeling deceived? Here is a list of 10 Facts Which We Feel Are Absolutely True but Actually Aren’t.

1. The earth revolves around the sun


Now, this is a very common thing that we have heard since childhood. But the fact is that the Earth simply revolves around the Barycentre. Generally, due to the mass of the sun, the Barycentre happens to be in the sun. 

2. Tomato is a vegetable


The real fact is that Tomato is born from the seeds of the Tomato Flower. Thus, it can never be a vegetable but it is a fruit. However, since it tastes more like a vegetable, we consider that Tomato is a vegetable.

3. Bulls are enraged by red colour


It is completely wrong that Bulls are enraged by red color. Infact, they are colorblind. They cannot even see the red color as and bulls run towards the moving cloth because it misunderstands them as an enemy. 

4. Different areas of tongue are dedicated to different tastes


It is completely a wrong concept that different parts of the tongue have different taste buds. Any food item will taste the same all over the tongue and there shall be no difference at all.

5. Linux OS is immune to viruses


There are many viruses which operate even on Linux. However, they are very less in number and are also very weak. Thus people generally say that Linux OS is immune to viruses!

6. Chameleons change their colour to blend in the surroundings


A lot of people believe that chameleons do change their color because of safety from death. They actually run faster than you can imagine. Chameleons do change color in order to reflect their mood to communicate other chameleons.

7. Adam and Eve ate the forbidden apple

Most of us believe that Adam and Eve ate the forbidden Apple. However, nowhere it has been mentioned that the fruit they ate was an apple. It is just our assumption.

8. Sunflowers track the sun


Many of us believe that Sunflowers track the sun from the rise. It is completely a misconception as they really do not do. Infact, Sunflowers always face the east.

9. Humans have five senses


It is a complete misconception that humans can only feel taste, hearing, smell, touch, and sight. Infact, we also can feel temperature, balance as well as pain. The total number of senses we have is almost 9 to 20.

10. We only use 10% of our brain


This is completely unacceptable that we use only 10% of our brain. Infact we use all the 100% f it, but, it is just that we do not use them together.

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