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10 Facts Why Ravana Was A True Symbol Of Arts And Knowledge

Published on: 19/10/17 6:23 AM

What comes to our mind, when we hear somebody talking about Ravan or When we ourself think about him. A tall, muscular man with a big black moustache having blood in his eyes & horrible face, one who is ready to tear anyone who comes in front of him. Yes, you are right! we all have almost the same perception for him. But do you know that this all isn’t true about him? Today we are going to tell you few unknown facts about Ravana that proves that he was a true symbol of Arts and Knowledge.

1. Perfect command on Sanskrit and Vedas


Ravana had a perfect command on Sanskrit. He wrote many Sanskrit classics such as Yuddhisha Tantra, Shivathandava Sthrotra and Prakrutha Kamadenu. He was having perfect command on four Vedas and has mastery in Sama Veda. He was also having a deep knowledge of the art of pada patha technique, which is a natural style of chanting Vedic mantras.

2. A poet of art, style and class


Ravana was a true devotee of Lord Shiva. His poetry Shiva Strotam shows an excellent piece of true devotion. In this book, he has explained the art of onomatopoeia and alteration, a technique for formation of a word from an associated sound with what is named. “when will I happy” were final lines of Shiva Strotam which impressed lord Shiva himself.

3. Contributions in Medical field.


Ravana has authored a book based on Ayurveda known as Arka Praksha. In this, he has elaborated the different therapeutic values of various essential oils. In this book, he has also mentioned various operating procedures of extracting the distillates from aromatic plants for internal use. He also had a keen knowledge of preparing vitaminized balls made of rice. These rice balls were given to Sita as a refreshment while Ravana carried her in his flying chariot. Sita scattered all this rice down towards earth so that her rescuers can get an easy clue of her and can easily rescue her from the hands of Ravana.

4. Excellent knowledge of Music


Ravana was fond of music and was very passionate about it. Once while playing his musical instrument Rudraveena, he plucked out his nerves to use it as its strings. He invented a musical instrument known as Ravanhatha, a widely played musical instrument in Rajasthan.

5. Sita was a Ravan's daughter


According to Adhbhuta Ramayana and Sanghdasa's Jain version of Ramayana, Sita who was also known as Vasudevahindi was a daughter of Ravana. Astrologers predicted that the first child of Ravan's wife (also known as Vidyadhara Maya) will become the cause of Ravan's death. After knowing this prediction Ravan decided to abandon her and buried her in a distant land. Janak who was also the king of Mithila Kingdom found the small baby girl buried inside the earth. He adopted her and raised her as his daughter.

6. Ravana helped Ram


When Lord Rama was in need of building a bridge (Ram Setu) over the ocean to reach Lanka for defeating Ravana. For this, he decided to worship Lord Shiva and conduct a Yagna at Rameshwaram. For this Yagna, he was having a need of a high scholar-priest. Since Ravana himself was the highest scholar-priest of all times, therefore, an invitation was sent to him by Lord Rama. Ravana accepted the invitation by Lord Ram and went to Rameshwaram, where he conducted the Yagna with all holy rites and rituals.

7. Contributions in the field of Gynaecology and Pediatrics.


Apart from Ayurveda, Ravana has a great contribution in the field of gynaecology as well as pediatrics. On the request of Ravan's wife Mandodari, he wrote a book 'Kumara Tantra' which is a health guide for child medicine and pregnancy. The book has a brief description as well as treatment of over more than 100 diseases related to motherhood and pediatrics. 

8. Power to interfere and change the planetary arrangements.


Ravana was having a supreme power of interfering and changing the planetary arrangements. During the time of birth of Ravan's son Meghnad, Ravana changed the planetary alignments in such a manner that it would result in the immortality of his son. But unluckily Shani changed his position at the very last moment.

9. Ravan was not having Ten heads.


As we all know that Ravan was having ten heads but its completely untrue. This is a story long back when Ravan was a young boy, his mother gifted him a necklace having nine pearls. It was designed in such a way that they created nine life-like reactions of his head. 

10. Lessons to Laxman by Ravana


Vibhishana told Rama, the secret of hidden Amrit pot inside Ravan's navel. Hence, Lord Rama finally targeted the navel of Ravana. As a result, the Amrit pot hidden inside the navel of Ravana got burst and the whole Amrit came out leading to his death. The time Just before Ravana was laying on the ground taking his last breath, Lord Rama asked Laxmana to go to Ravana and request him to share some of his valuable knowledge of statecraft. Fulfilling the command of Lord Rama, Laxmana went to Ravana. Ravana asked him to sit near his feet, just like a student use to sit in front of his teacher and imparted him some of his best knowledge of his life.

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