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10 High Pay Jobs Which Don’t Require Any Graduation.

Published on: 22/08/17 3:51 PM

There are also many ways by which one can earn. Here are 10 High Pay Jobs Which Don't Require Any Graduation.

Education is probably a fundamental requirement for any big Company nowadays. However, the cost of education has taken a big hike. This has made education to be unaffordable for many students from all over the world. Because of holding no degree, many youths have lost hopes of earning. However, it is not true at all. There are also many ways by which one can earn. Here are 10 high pay jobs which don’t require any graduation.

1. Gaming Manager


To be a Gaming manager, all that you need to do is to be a high school diploma and to have experience in the same. The income gradually increases with the experience.

2. Funeral Service Director


Just an associate degree for the responsibility that includes works to plan, and arrange the funeral for making it perfect. The median annual wage is $74K. You can be the Funeral Service Director to make it a good income source.

3. Power Plant Operator


The Power plant operator is a good job to apply for since it requires a high school diploma. The annual wage for being a power plant operator is nearly about $75K.

4. Commercial Pilot


Being a commercial pilot and a high earning would just require experience. However, to get a job in an aircraft would just require a school diploma certificate. The annual salary is of $78000.

5. Detective & Criminal Investigator


Being a Detective & Criminal Investigator requires your skills and potential entirely. The rates might differ according to the clients you get.

6. Elevator Installer and Repairer


The duties are repairing Elevators as well as installing, assembling as well as maintain electric or hydraulic freight. The Elevator installer and repairer jobs are indeed high earning and would earn you around $80000.

7. Radiation Therapist


To be a Radiation Therapist, all that you need to be is an Associate degree from the school. The median annual wage for this job is just around $81000.

8. Power Distributors and Dispatcher


Being a Power distributors and dispatcher just requires you to be a high school diploma or an equivalent degree to get the best result. The annual wage of being a Power distributor and dispatcher would be around $82000.

9. Nuclear Power Reactor Operator


A person willing to be a Nuclear power reactor operator would have to control the nuclear reactors. The salary could be approximate $91170 and requires just a school diploma.

10. Air Traffic Controller


Specifically, you would never require any major degree for being an Air Traffic Controller. The annual wage for being an Air Traffic Controller is $122410, which is way higher than you could imagine.

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