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10 Illegal Things You Do Online & Almost Everytime !

Published on: 15/08/17 11:21 AM

Unknowingly, we create many mistakes which are completely illegal in the world of Internet. Here are 10 Illegal Things You Were Doing Online All The Time.

The Internet laws are developing every day and it is becoming very hectic for everyone to understand. There are different laws of the internet for different countries. Obviously, we all are not lawyers, so we would never be able to know what is right and what is wrong. For us, everything in the cyber world seems to be very normal. Unknowingly, we create many mistakes which are completely illegal in the world of Internet. Here are 10 Illegal Things You Were Doing Online All The Time.


1. Registering trademarked domain names


There are many big companies which have almost trademarked everything. You need to make sure that you are not registering any name for your domain which is already trademarked.

2. Sharing passwords


There are many paid services and software's that are provided online which helps the users to access password protected content such as adult sites, data and much more. However, remember one thing that accessing to these sites by hacking password is completely illegal.

3. Downloading Images


Using copyrighted images or even downloading them is a completely illegal activity. You cannot always use images from the internet without permission from the company. In most of the countries, using copyrighted contents is a serious crime.

4. Ad blocking


We all might feel disgusted when we see pop-up ads coming up on screen while surfing internet. Well, though in India we can block them. However, it is still considered to be an Illegal activity in many countries. Still, it is completely unenforceable.

5. Unlocking your phone


Most of the people do unlock their smartphones to use different carriers. However, to some extent, it is completely illegal. Such activities do happen in the cyber world. Thus it is placed in the Illegal list.

6. Connecting to unsecured, non-public Wi-Fi


The result of connecting to unsecured, non-public Wi-Fi can be very dangerous for anyone. It is not because of being unsafe but because of stealing the unknown internet connection and not paying for it.

7. Making Fake IP.


Hiding the IP is not a surprise for anyone. You can almost do everything without revealing your IP address. People generally do hide IP to access websites which are blocked in their country. If caught, the person might have to bear the brunt.

8. Accessing the deep web


Almost more than 90% of the digital users are accessing the deep webs which are not recognized by the search engines. A lot of criminal activities happen here. However, accessing such a wrong website might land you into serious troubles.

9. Unofficial Streaming Services


In the rush hour, when we miss out a TV series, we often try to find out live streaming the channel for free from our mobile phone or even laptop. Streaming is never free and if you find such a website, showing the streams, it means that you are watching it illegally.

10. Torrent


The Torrent website is not individually illegal, but the contents it has are. Most of the movies, games, videos, TV Series we download from Torrent are copyrighted. Thus using Torrent for downloading anything means that you are doing an Illegal activity.

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