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Assess 10 Important Things Before You Join a Tech Company

Published on: 25/04/18 1:27 PM

things to consider while joining technology company

Things may get a bit frustrating when you are planning to join a new job. You may struggle a bit in finding a job that suits the best to your demands. You should not be in too hurry if you are a tech professional. Recognize your strength, weakness, and how you can help a tech company in generating profit.

Self-assessment will help you in recognizing your true value, but that is not enough. Different companies have different policies. You may not find all the terms and conditions suitable. In addition, there are several other things that you must check before joining a tech company. Those things are as follows:

1. Who is the founder?

Many unemployed tech pros make a mistake of joining a tech company without doing some necessary research. Do not make the same mistake because a good research can keep you away from a sinking ship. Know about the company founder, assess his skills, credibility, and capabilities. It would be wrong to judge the company founder by assessing his failure, but ensure he has a great vision and management skills.

2. Training programs

proper training program during joining

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced candidate, you will need the training. Tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and other market leaders offer 6+ months’ training to their new employees. It helps the new hirs in ramping up quickly so that they can be productive as soon as possible. Choose a tech firm with a great training program.

3. Work stress

Established tech companies work at a smooth pace. They mostly entertain their regular clients who expect the job to be done within a certain time frame. The startups try to offer a fast and better service. Therefore, the work hours would be longer and the employer would expect high-quality work from you. If you are energetic and like to take challenges, a new startup is a right place to work for you.

4. The team

There may be one team, two teams, or many teams in a tech company, depending on the size of the company. Do you have specific requirements regarding the team and office colleagues? The employer can either make you a part of a strong team or a subpar team. You will have to match the work performance of other team members if you join a strong team. You may also learn many new things from experienced team members.

5. Consider the risk factor

Everybody wants to work for a firm that is stable and growing faster. Working for new startups is always risky but it can also be beneficial for your career. You can be one of those talented individuals who is working hard to make their business idea a huge success. A failed startup may get closed, but the same risk is associated with the established tech firms. Many projects begin and close in large tech firms like Google and Microsoft. You may need to find a new job if your project gets canned.

6. Work hours

The working hours can vary in different tech firms. The employees work 40 hours a week in companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, etc. A startup may expect you to spend 48+ hours in a week. Are you comfortable with that much work demand or not. Consider this thing carefully before you join the company.

7. Financial stability

You are planning to switch the tech company probably to get a better salary package. An established tech firm would offer a great package with an assurance of on-time payment. The startups may fail to meet your expectations if it is not generating revenue. The investors would be footing your bills. So, make sure he is willing to invest longer because new businesses may take some time to generate revenue.

8. Assess the previous performance for future growth

Different tech firms provide different products, services, and support. Some companies build software, some develop games, some build websites, and so on. There are all types of tech firms. You should choose a firm that can utilize your talent to improve product and service quality. Know the product and service demands and then assess the chances of the growth in the future.

9. The chances of expanding your network

Are you willing to found your own startup in the future? You should work for a company that offers great opportunities for networking. There will be many opportunities for meeting new people at the networking events, barbeques, parties, and other business events. You can find many individuals there who may like to invest in your business idea.

10. Additional Perks

perks of working for tech company

Do not expect too many perks when you are planning to join a new startup. It can simply never match the perks offered by established tech companies. The MNCs have offices in most of the major cities across the globe. They have recreational areas, cafes, and other facilities that startups cannot afford. So, keep this fact in mind.


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