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10 Incredible Facts About Human Body You Should Not Miss Reading

Published on: 15/09/17 6:37 PM

I am lucky to Know these simple tricks ! Are You lucky too?

The human body is full of surprises and incredible processes that make up a person. Were you aware of these 10 unbelievable facts? Continue reading to know about these fascinating things your body could do:

1) Trick to cure blocked nose


Blocked nose? No worries! Many people feel irritated when their nose is blocked, this trick will help you fight your problem. All you have to do is just thrust your tongue against the roof of your mouth and side by side press the center area between your eyebrows. Both of these actions will help you fight congestion in no time.

2) Ear scratching helps tickling of tongue


You don’t believe it? Well you have to because it definitely turns out to be true. Tongue tickling can become annoying but we have got a solution to it. Scratching your ear can help as the nerves in the ear are restored and causes muscle cramp. This cramp relieves the tickle.

3) Coughing reduces pain of injection


So, how can patients be distracted from the soreness of an injection? Many approaches have been tried, but doctors now report high success rates with a simple and risk-free strategy which is coughing. It is found that when we cough just before injection shot, it increases blood pressure and creates distraction which in turn reduces pain.

4) Massaging hands with ice can reduce toothache


The key to comforting your toothache is surprisingly in your hands rather than in your mouth. Believe it or not, applying an ice cube on the area of your hand between your thumb and index finger can help reduce the toothache. This is because ice creates cold signals which lowers dental pain. Isn't it amazing?

5) Time travelling with your sense of smell


Smell is a powerful sense organ which arouses long forgotten memories. It helps in transporting us from one time to another like smell of a scent which your mother used. Also scientifically elaborating, our brain stores aromas and smells which is linked to memories and emotions.

6) What a superhero your digestive system is!


When you are terrified and you sense danger, there comes a moment when your body responds in a total ambiguous manner. Your heartbeat fastens, pupils contract, digestive system shuts down temporarily and all of this happens to contract muscles which helps in an emergency stage. Isn't  it fascinating?

7) Eyes can tell about imminent hypothermia


When you're in a cold place and your body temperature starts to fall down, then my dear you may get hypothermia. It is a sudden fall in body temperature which may be caused because of exposure to low temperatures. In this situation, our eyes start to compress which in turn saves energy leading to temporary blindness.

8) Blowing your thumb calms down stress level


Stress hits everyone at most of the times in their life. In situation of stress, many remedies can be adopted like yoga, meditation. It makes your heart thump and anxiety strikes in. Blowing your thumb like a newborn baby can make you feel better and control your nervousness.

9) Eyes tell a lot about your feelings


When you're around someone you admire or have a crush on, then you must not maintain eye contact with them because they will get an idea of it quickly within seconds as our eyes express the feelings and emotions and may spill your untold secrets.

10) Pressing tongue cures brainfreeze


Brainfreeze from eating cold food items (ice cream..!) is a common experience. It is a way of telling you to put brakes and take it easy. It can be cured by tongue method in which you need to press your tongue against the roof of mouth. This gives warmth and you're rid of the constant banging in your head.

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