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10 Interesting Facts About The Red Planet Mars

Published on: 17/08/17 6:36 PM

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Many of us have come to know more about the planet because of the recent news about Mars. Here are 10 Interesting Facts About The Red Planet Mars!

Most of the sky watchers are hoping to get a glimpse of the Red Planet as Mars makes it’s the closest approach to the Earth in around 11 years. Many of us have come to know more about the planet because of the recent news about Mars. However, there is still much more exciting news about the Red Planet Mars which you might not have heard yet. Here are 10 Interesting Facts About The Red Planet Mars.


1. Pieces of Mars have fallen to Earth


It might be the craziest of all, but Pieces of Mars have fallen to Earth, and this is where research about Mars Started. They have found many tiny traces of Mars Atmosphere meteorites which were ejected from Mars.

2. Name of Mars


Ideology makes it believe that the planet Mars was named after the Roman God of War. Hence it is also known to us by the name of "Red Planet."

3. One day Mars will have a ring


NASA scientists believed that in the next 20 million years, the largest moon of Mars, Phobos could be torn apart due to the gravitational forces. This indicates that it might lead to the creation of a ring that could last 100 million years.

4. Water on Mars


It has been proved many times that, there could be existing water on Mars. It is placed in the form of ice. The first signs of water are dark stripes and also cliffs captured by different satellites.

5. Hints of life


In the year of 2014, the NASA Scientists came up with an evident proof stating that there could be life on Mars. They came up with a theory which indicated that: “life or evidence of ancient methane trapped which could show ancient life.”

6. Ice age


The planet Mars has developed from an ice age which almost existed 4,00,000 years ago. The radar images are a proof of it. NASA has placed radar on Mars which have brought up some images to describe this.

7. A year on Mars


An apparent year on Mars is approximately equal to 687 days on the Earth. Practically, a day on Earth would actually last for 40 minutes less than that of the Mars.

8. Planet Cairo


The city of Planet Cairo was named after Mars. It was named so, because when the city of Planet Cairo was discovered; the planet of Mars was apparently seen rising. The Arabic form of Planet Cairo is Mars.

9. The Largest Mountain of entire Solar System


The Olympus Mons is a shield volcano present on Mars that has a height of three times than that of Mt. Everest. The height is of 22Km while the diameter of the mountain is nearly 600 Km. Scientists believed that the Volcano might be active.

10. Lighter on Mars


The attraction of Gravity in Mars is about 62.5% less than that of the earth. This means that the body weight will decrease in The Red Planet. A weight of 100 grams on Earth would approximately weight around 38 grams on Mars.

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