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10 Misconceptions About India, Foreigners Need To Change Right away!

There is diversity in our country including tradition, culture as well as cuisines. Here are 10 Misconceptions about India Foreigners Need To Change Right away!

Although India has advanced a lot in technology and development, many foreigners have some of the 10 misconceptions about India! Well, India is just more than what others think! There is diversity in our country including tradition, culture as well as cuisines. Here are 10 misconceptions about India
Foreigners Need To Change Right Away!

1: “Indian is a language”

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"Indian" is never our language. Infact, there are more than a countable number of languages in India! Foreigners might find it very difficult even to remember the names of the languages which are spoken in India! 

2: India is a hot country

I guess it is now the time for us to arrange a visit to Kashmir, Shimla or even Sikkim! Let us all tell them that there are three seasons in India- summer, monsoon as well as winter. So it is never hot always!

3: All Indians have a dark complexion

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 Most of them believe that Indians have a dark complexion! No! We assume that they believe that South Indians are completely dark! Well, as far knowledge, scroll some south Indian actress pictures for them! It will certainly clear misconceptions about South India!

4: All Indians speak Hindi

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One of the funny misconceptions about India is the language they believe we speak. There is a wide diversion of languages in each and every state and even sometimes within the state as well! Overall, there are 120 native languages. 

5: All Indians are vegetarians

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One of the major misconceptions about India is the cuisine we prefer! No we all are not vegetarians. Infact, 60% of the total population of the country eats meat. Bengalis are crazy about fish while Punjabis are fond of Chicken!

6: Indian food is very spicy!


The one who said this probably have not yet tasted the different cuisines of the country. From the idlis in the south to the Dahi Chawal in the north, there are also a lot of diversity in the choice of food! We need to change these common misconceptions about India!

7: Indians drink “Chai”!


No boss! We have a lot of coffee lovers in our country as well! From the Badaam milk in the north to the coffee lovers all over the country might just be giving you a hitch for the Tea Tag! All Indians do not drink tea!

8: India is a poor country!

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Specifically, after watching Slumdog Millionaire, most of the foreigners believe that India is a poor country! It is another common misconceptions about Indian culture because they have not yet calculated the growth of IT development in India! 

9: India is an underdeveloped country!

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Now, this is another Misconception about India Foreigners Need to Change Right away! The growing rate of Indian Industries is the third highest in the world! India is not the land of "Sadhus" anymore and there are a lot of things to offer as well!

10: India follows just one religion- Hinduism!


Now, this is another shocker they believe. From the Muslims, Christians to the Sikhs, there are lot of diversity in the religion Our country follows as well.