Lies That We Indians Have Been Saying Boldly !

Published on: 21/04/18 6:19 PM

Lies have been part and parcel of life and sometimes it becomes necessary to avoid a situation. Here is a list of common Indian lies that have been a part of our life. The list goes long when it comes to the reaction we give to a situation.

1-The Indian Way Of Guessing a No To A Plan Beforehand

When we know the plan need the permission of high court-parents especially the dominating party. When we know mom won’t agree to the plan and its a “big no” so we lie to friends saying–“Mummy se puchna padega yaar.”

2-When We Don’t Want To Talk-“Abi Busy Ho Thodi Der Se Laga”

When a person calls you at the wrong time and you are in no mood to talk you lie-“Abi busy ho thodi der se laga.”

3-We Have Teased People Saying- That The Tree Would Grow In Your Tummy

When our siblings or cousin used to eat the seed as well we use to tease them and lie them saying-“That the tree would grow in your tummy”.

4-Way Of Dropping Out Of A Plan

When you are on your lazy day and you don’t wish to be a part of any plan you lie to your friends saying-“Puch ke btati hu abi kuch ni bol sakti”.

5-When Your Peace Is Above All

Being an introvert person you aim peace in life. And as a result, you have no time for stupid complains that people wish to share with you for a solution. So the best reply to these idiots is- “Mera phone silent pe tha”. It’s the best escape to problems sometimes.

6-When Your Friends Freak You For Being Late

When you woke up late and you realized its time to join the friends’ party and it’s already late to join. The best lie to avoid scolding is-“bs raste Mai hu pahuch hi raha hu 2 minutes”

7-To Play Safe On A Treat

When you are brook while giving parties and avoid making payments you lie saying-“Paise lana bhul gai tu pay kr de aaj.”

8-To Make The Guest Run Out Of Your House

When the most annoying and time taking people hit the doorbell you wish to say it all. When you realized that your guest will not leave until you lie them saying-“Hume kahi jana hai aapse those time baad milenge”.

9-When People Wanted To Know Your Level Of Prepration

When your friends tried to know your level of preparation and you lie them saying-“Maine Kuch ni pada yaar, mai fail ho jaungi” to save yourself from questions like-Tune to sara pad Liya Hoga tu to top kregi??

10-When You Wish To Ignore Giving Your Number To Someone

When you get unwanted attention from opposite gender and you are a close grouped person. To avoid giving the number to a stranger you lie them saying- “I don’t use WhatsApp”it’s not my thing.

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