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10 Of the Most Ancient Weird Fashion Trends That Existed Across The World

Published on: 22/11/17 8:31 PM

Most Bizarre Fashion Trends Across The World

Women have always wanted to experiment with the fashion. Ever since the mankind has evolved, women have shown interest to make their fashion game to the top level. Be it waxing the entire body with heated wax, manicure and pedicure, facials, tweezing unwanted hair and threading hair; women resorted to these methods to keep themselves clean and beautiful no matter how much they hurt. A result of this attitude is some of the bizarre fashion trends that came into existence on the globe. Let us have a look at them:

  1. 1 Neck Extensions


    This trend was first invented by the women of the Padaung tribe. In the beginning of the early age, they were often spotted wearing a loop of metals rings around their neck. No idea as to what fashion these rings looked like, they sure look like they would give spondylitis. Apparently is it one of the pride of the Padaung ladies back then. 

  2. 2 Nose Tunnels


    The mere sight of this makes us feel the pain it takes to have these nose tunnels. Though not taken as fashion trend by the Apatani ladies, they had these weird looking tattoos on their noses that would make them ruin their appearances; as they were taken away by men from different tribes due to their beauty. It was their way of striving to survive in their tribe, which actually worked!

  3. 3 Black Teeth


    I don't know about you, but this image reminds me of the devil from the movie, 'Grudge'. This is a traditional custom of colouring one's teeth dark known as the Ohaguro. Mostly prominent in Japan until the Meiji period, it later got recognised in China, Pacific Island and Southeast Asia. 

  4. 4 Bombasting


    The higher society women of the sixteenth century took this to a different level. Usually, bombasting means to make few parts of your body look bigger than they actually do. Bu, the women of this sixteenth century used many kinds of stuffing like cotton, fleece, sawdust, horsehair to influence certain bodies to appear to be bigger. This game used to go as worse as women bearing up to six pounds of stuff inside their garments. Ridiculous!

  5. 5 Foot Binding


    As weird as this looks, it is equally painful. One of the painful Chinese fashion trend, which used to physically torment the Chinese women. Their feet used to get disabled because of this horrendous trend, but, however, they used to continue doing this because women with normal feet were not considered eligible for marriage. 

  6. 6 Mouth Wash With Urine


    One of the bizarre methods used by the Roman Rich women was to use urine to floss their mouth. They believed it made their teeth much whiter and stronger than usual. Like this wasn't odd enough, they used to demand for pee only from Portuguese individual as it was accepted to be the most grounded on the planet. So practically, pee used to get transported from Portugal to Rome, for their women to use it on their teeth. Oh, the kind of things women make men do!

  7. 7 Plucked Eyelashes and Eyebrows


    Unlike today, having facial hair was considered to be ugly in the earlier days. Hence women used to go for an eyebrow-less look to make the face more lovely and Monalisa is the live example of it. Can you imagine your face without your eyebrows, women?

  8. 8 Skull Elongation


    This is one of the oddest trend that required a 4-5 year old infant to set their heads between two sheets to get the perfect shape. Mayans believed that if they bound their skulls into an assortment of shapes, it would mirror a person's place in the public arena.

  9. 9 Bleeding via leeches


    During the middle age, European women had a thing for their fair skin. In those days, having fair skin implied that they were princely and can simply hangout inside throughout the day. So if the women used to get even slightly tanned, they used to get the leeches to suck their blood to make them as pale as possible. 

  10. 10 Crinoline


    A structured petticoat designed to hold a woman's skirt in place is called a Crinoline. This 19th century trend carried the threat of women's back hurting because of the weight of this structure on the waist. 

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