10 Photo Editing Apps That Can Make You Look Photogenic!

Published on: 20/04/18 12:22 AM

The mobile cameras are getting better day-by-day. We can now click high-quality images, but a photo editing application can further improve the quality of photos.

If there is one thing that every individual likes to do with the Smartphone is to click pictures. It does not matter how good or how bad the camera quality is, people, love taking selfies. So, they rely on photo editing apps to enhance the image quality, filtered background to add art to their picture. Let’s find out the best photo editing apps that you can install on your phone to beautify your pics to make them appear even more attractive.

1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Photoshop Lightroom CC reliable photo editing app for smartphones


We all know Adobe Photoshop is a reliable photo editing tool, but that doesn’t work on the smartphones. So Adobe launched the Photoshop Lightroom CC, which can be a reliable photo editing tool for your smartphone and tab. The basic features will be available with the free version of the app. The only thing you may not like about this app is the “Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription”. You will have to subscribe to use the premium features of this app.


Picsart - Photo Editing Tools from Snapspeed and Prisma Applications

Google’s Snapseed is providing an array of editing features at a certain cost and Prisma app’s unique filters are allowing users to create a portrait in few seconds. What if you get both kinds of apps in a single app? Yes, PicsArt consists of all top features to be a leader in photo editing that offers a good image editing experience.

3. Aviary

It offers user-friendly features without costing any penny for the premium features. Aviary has been people’s favorite photo editing app from a long time. One-touch quality improvement feature improves the photo quality instantly. You can try one of the multiple filters or apply some effects to improve the quality of the photos. It has everything that a normal smartphone user needs to make pictures attractive.

4. Airbrush

4.8 star rating app - Air Brush

Airbrush into an ideal photo editing application. It is a reliable application to enhance the photo quality immediately after you click the photo. It will not take much time and offer quality results. It has over 10 million active users and 4.8-star ratings that makes Airbrush one of the best performing photo editing application. Its features such as eye brightening, teeth whitening, blemish remover, reshaping and several other tools make it one of a kind.

5. PhotoDirector

Best Photo Editing App - PhotoDirector


Equipped with photo editing tools such as light effects, filters, and some others additional tools, the PhotoDirector performs surprisingly better. This application allows you to remove selected objects from the photos. You can also remove an individual if you want. The PhotoDirector has its own camera, which you can use to click high-quality images every time you click a selfie.

6. Bonfire

Advanced Photo Editing Tools - Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

The Bonfire Photo Editor Pro is an advanced photo editing tool. You may find it similar to other ordinary photo editing apps at the first glance. It has all the filters and image editing effects that might appear useless in the beginning. You will change your mood and consider it as one of the most useful apps when you will start using it can turn your photo into a watercolor painting too.

7. Cymera

Considering Cymera as an app would be wrong because it is an artist that exist on your smartphone. Along with a huge collection of photo filters and effects, Cymera offers two different modes to click pictures. Use the beauty mode to click top-quality selfies. Use the normal mode when clicking the images via the rear camera. Both modes work really great and help you in clicking attractive images.

8. Camly
Innovative Image Editing Feature - Camly

If you are searching for a photo editing app that is simple to use and still offer an array of innovative image editing features, you are looking for Camly. It is simple, effective, and filled with all the necessary photo improvement features. There will be only 7 tools to enhance the image quality. Those 7 will be more than enough because your image will look like clicked from an HD camera.


Prisma - Top photo editing toolSource

50 million+ downloads and recognized as a top photo editing tool, Prisma still stands tall as one of the leading photo editing application. It offers all the basic photo editing tools along with something special. It features an array of amazing filter that you can apply to turn your photo into an artistic work. It will offer a new life to your photos and make them look like attractive arts, created by an experienced artist.

10. Snapseed

Snapseed apps - Enhancing the photo quality

When it comes to enhancing the photo quality by applying multiple filters and quality enhancement tools, the Snapseed app makes it easier for any user. It is a user-friendly photo editing app that offers all the common photo editing features. In addition, Snapseed also offers image conversion feature without losing picture quality. You can enhance the targeted spots on the photos to make them look more attractive and genuine. There are a plethora of features that will thrill you if you use this application.

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