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10 Scariest Prisons No Criminal Wants To Be In.

Published on: 13/08/17 5:28 PM

The punishment in prison becomes even more serious with time. Here are 10 Scariest Prisons No Criminal Wants To Be In.

It is only in Our Country where the human rights of Criminals are being taken care of. In most of the other countries, committing a crime is a serious issue and most of the prisons in the world have a very strict law and order. The punishment in prison becomes even more serious with time. Here are 10 Scariest Prisons No Criminal Wants To Be In.

10. Al-Ha’ir Prison, Saudi Arab


The Al-Ha’ir Prison, Saudi Arab is probably the scariest prison in the Middle East. It claims to break the laws of torture for criminals. The criminals often protest against this torture, but the result is death.

9. La Sabaneta Prison, Venezuela


The incidents which happen at La Sabaneta Prison, Venezuela will always shiver your spine. No medicine against illness and lack of food is just one form of torture done here. In 1994, almost 100 inmates were massacred here.

8. Diyarbakir Prison, Turkey


According to the Human Rights, The maximum violation is done in the Diyarbakir Prison, Turkey. Mental torture, sexual abuse, and even physical torture is very common here. Even children are incarcerated for life.

7. Gitarama Prison, Rwanda


One of the deadliest prisons of all is the Gitarama Prison, Rwanda. Though it was designed for 400 inmates, almost 6000 prisoners stay together here. The scarcity of food along with mental torture is always a common sight here.

6. Bang Kwang Prison, Thailand


If there is any place for deadly mental stress, the Bang Kwang Prison, Thailand is a place where no criminals would want to be in. For the first three months, the punishment is to wear leg irons which gradually increases with time.

5. La Santa Prison, France


One of the scariest prisons of all time is the La Santa Prison, France where the prisoners are made to commit suicide. They are forced to eat rats or even drain cleaners. More than 100 prisoners every year are reported to commit suicide.

4. Tadmor Military Prison, Syria


Declared by Amnesty International as "the most oppressive prison", the Tadmor Military Prison, Syria is said to have done everything to torture prisoners Executions are done at a massive scale here.

3. Camp 22, North Korea


The Camp 22, North Korea is also one of the most devastating prisons of all time. It holds almost 50000 prisoners together with three generations of a family. Mental torture and physical harassment is a common issue over here.

2. Texas State Penitentiary, USA


Just like Syria, The Texas State Penitentiary, USA is also said to do maximum numbers of executions. It definitely means that prisoners over here have the maximum chance to get rid of his life.

1. Carandiru Prison, Brazil


Recorded over than 1300 deaths in the 46-year history, the Carandiru Prison, Brazil is certainly one of the "worst" prisons of the world, one where can be in. There is almost no torture left which a prisoner has not faced here.

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