10 Things Every Man Should Learn From Mr. Choocha

Published on: 17/03/18 10:37 AM

He is weird, impractical, and sometimes annoying too, but he is the soul of the Fukrey movie. Whether it is the Fukrey or Fukrey Returns, the plot presents Choocha as the most important character in the movie. He made us laugh, he made us angry, and the most importantly he made us confused several times throughout the movie.

Apart from his impish activities and bold dialogues, the Choocha has something more to offer. He can be a Guru for you but in his own way. You might be wondering what I can learn from that Choocha who himself falls in several troubles throughout the movie. So, let’s raise the curtain and find what our beloved Choocha has to offer.

1. तेल लेने गई डेट, Itching is Important

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Nobody can forget that Zoo Incident from Fukrey Returns when Honey Bhai arranges a date for Choocha. Boys were going mad because Choocha got such a charming date, but a disaster was about to unfold. Choocha finds her nails attractive and large enough to soothe the itching caused by prickly heat.

The Choocha was trying to teach you that comfort is a must. No matter what is causing trouble, first deal with it because all the other things are secondary. Unfortunately, Katty (Choocha’s date) didn’t like the way Choocha wants to be comfortable. So, Beware of it.

2. भले भाई की खेती उजड़ जाए, Don’t leave the money

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Both Choocha and Honey tries to arrange some money for betting. In the quest to make a quick arrangement, Honey agrees to play the female character. The only thing organizer wanted was waxing and Honey refuses to do so. Pradhan (the organizer) extends the pay amount and Choocha starts bargaining for more.

So, Mr. Choocha didn’t care about Honey Bhai’s manliness and agreed to receive the agreed money. He was trying to teach us that money is important. No matter what they ask your best friend to do, let’s convince him to make some profit. Unfortunately, Honey Bhai removes the wig and walks away and Choocha fails to make some extra money.

3. प्यार प्यार होता हैं, Whether she’s Bholi or someone Holy

Bhooli Punjaban Choocha


Numerous people talk about “Love at First Sight”, but it is a bit impracticable nowadays. People first check the looks, then your status, and then move ahead. Many things are changing in the world and it is one of them, but Mr. Choocha doesn’t believe in any kind of discrimination.

It is impossible to forget that “Ilu Ilu” scene from Fukrey when Choocha first meets Bholi Punjaban (the love of his life). He knew everything about her but still fell in love with her. Unfortunately, Bholi took 5 years to accept Choocha’s love.

4. खातिरदारी जरूरी है, When you are the only savior

Khatirdaari Jaroori Hai


Mr. Choocha does not miss the only opportunity he gets to feel like a kind. It was the time when everybody was relying on Mr. Choocha’s dream to play a bet and win a lot of money. Billa’s Chhole Bhature, Zafar Bhai’s Guitar, and Lali’s massage, all these pleasures came together for one night and Mr. Choocha took advantage of it.

You should also be like Mr. Choocha instead of being too kind when someone needs you. Let’s test what your friends can do to get your support. You may also feel like a kid for a while, but things can get a drastic turn later.

5. दोस्त का साथ कभी नहीं छोड़ने का, Even if the mom is angry

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The moment when nothing goes according to the planning and the gun in on the head, Choocha’s mom take a jibe on Honey. She was actually cursing him and Choocha did not like it. He stood by his friend and that’s what real friends do.

6. अच्छा लगे या बुरा, Speak straight from the shoulder

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It is up to you that you follow this tip or not, but Mr. Choocha lives the life in a pretty straightforward way. He speaks straight from the shoulder and faces a lot of difficulties because of this habit. Though you may face a lot of troubles because of speaking straight, everything will be fine in the end.

7. उम्मीद पर दुनिया कायम है!! Tomorrow will be a better day

Umeed Pe Duniya Kayam HaiSource

Choocha is the only character in the Fukrey movie that does not get worried about what will happen if the job is not done. That’s the way people should live the life. It can, of course, put you in some troubles, but in the end, you will find the solution. Never lose the hope because tomorrow will be a better day.

8. देजा-चु!! Have your own terms

Deja Chu - Comedy Choocha FukreySource

The way Mr. Choocha says Deja-Chu and the way he explains why it is Deja-Chu, is simply hilarious. He lives the life in his own way and still impresses everybody he meets. You should also have your own terms and phrases to look unique and attractive. So, never feel shy if anybody fails to get your unique terms. Just explain with confidence like Mr. Choocha.

9. भाई कैम्पा? Never get satisfied

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Bholi’s bodyguards were succeeded in taking Choocha back to their haunt, but then the police came and save him. Though police run behind the two black bodyguards, Mr. Choocha finds Lali and asks “Bhai Kempa”.

Lali’s rescue was not enough for Mr. Choocha and he wanted to get back to safety in the sidecar. You should also be like him if you want more. Never get satisfied with what you have got. Wish to get something more and better.

10. तू मेरा भाई नहीं हैं? Ensure the brotherhood is alive

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The friendship does not last for a long time nowadays. People meet, become friends, spend some precious moments together, and then get separated. Mr. Choocha knows it, but he does not want to get away from his Honey Bhai. He is just trying to ensure the Brotherhood is alive in the whole song “Tu Mera Bhai Nahi Hai”. You should also do the same if you do not want to get away from your bestie.


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