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10 Things Everyone Must Carry While Travelling Via Air !

Published on: 28/04/18 10:10 AM

Dear Traveller, We Have A List For You..!!

We bet you wouldn’t like to miss upon this list of things you should carry along your trip via air. Make sure you carry these items to make your trip even more remarkable and memorable.

1- Have A Notebook, A Pen or A Pencil


If you are the first time traveler don’t forget to carry a notebook, pen, and a pencil along with your cabin luggage.  When you are surfing the clouds you might recall some amazing lines that fix your incomplete poetry or give an answer to your life puzzle. So, take notes about nature as it has something just for you.

2- A Light Dark Colored Jacket


Always carry a dark colored jacket with you so that you don’t feel cold with the changing frequency of temperature inside the cabin. As the cabin’s temperature can give you the chills as cabins temperature tend to be cooler as compared to the outside temperature.

3- Bring Your Own Food

Don’t forget to carry some homemade food. As when you go inside the cabin its cold temperature accompanied with cold food that is not really nice for everyone. So make a genuine attempt to wake up early and cook something for your journey. It can save you from the cold food that might not gulp down your throat if you are not habitual of eating it.

4- Moisturizer is A Must


Carry a body lotion, lip balm in your bag so that you can keep your face, hands, and lips moisturized even in the cold temperature of the cabin. A lip care and hand care moisturizer is a must carry the thing in your bag.

5- Carry Something to Read


Carry a novel or a book along with your air travel. The book not only helps you pass the time but give you a reason to not be scared with the turbulence outside. Book will keep you engaged and gives you a good first-time air travel experience if you have been too scared about it.

6- Small Handbag To Carry Little Stuff


Don’t forget to keep all important items in one small handbag. From wallet to documents, from medicines to creams everything should be just kept in one place. Being organized is never a bad idea rather it will save you from going sweety palm someday.

7- Medicines


If you have some medical condition, allergy while air traveling, keep the box of medicines with you. To prevent yourself from an emergency condition you should always be proactive about your health.

8- Water Bottle


Keep a water bottle just in case you want to prevent yourself from the unfamiliar taste of water. Some people are particular about water taste too, so if you are one of them-keep your water bottle along.

9- Earphones


As soon as you start traveling via air you disconnect from all your friends as your internet access get hampered. So, carry your earphone to pamper yourself with the music that suits your situation as well as the outside temperature. It will also help you avoid the weeping baby, gossiping ladies or even politics discussing uncles sitting next to you.

10- Tag Your Luggage

Dear first-time traveler tags are your biggest friends so make sure you make friends with them before you begin your journey.  Tie some tag on your luggage be it a ribbon or a mark or even a sticker that helps you identify your luggage. When your luggage is thrown on the belt, your bag rotated from one end to another to help you identify and pick your heavy luggage easily without much confusion. As all bags of American Tourister look alike so its necessary to get your bad identified from some distance itself. So, add a tag to your bag, to identify your luggage. So, get your luggage tagged and be ready to cherish an amazing air travel ahead.

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