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10 Things That Can Only Be Done In India & Not Anywhere Else In The World

Published on: 7/08/17 5:08 AM

India is such an incredible country! Here are 10 Things That Can Only Be Done In India & Not Anywhere Else In The World.

India is such an incredible country! From the places to visit, the food we taste, there is something more about the country which you would do nowhere else in the world. India is indeed unique and can be compared with any other country because of the people living here. Here are 10 Things That Can Only Be Done In India & Not Anywhere Else In The World.

1. Freedom of Pee


Public Toilets for women in the country are just located in some limited zones and public Toilet for men are just open anywhere in India! In the country, people have the freedom to pee anytime as well as anywhere as they wish to.

2. The color of Festivals:


The number of festivals and occasions in India is just more than any other country. During the festive, the whole country hires and looks glittery and glamorous. Thanks to all the people with religions residing here.

3. The Bargain:


In the country of India, the people do not require to follow the MRP system until and unless the Bargain system works. LOL! Have you seen this trend in any other country in the world? People do not give up bargaining until there is a price of their choice.

4. The Dustbin:


There is absolutely no place of throwing garbage and it can be achieved at any location. The people do not mind to throw garbage on the road. Even if it's a strict no in our country, People do give it a damn.

5. Borrowing from Neighbours:


As long as we live with our neighbors, there is nothing that could stop us to borrow even a small amount of spice. Be it some spice or even some other thing, people do love to get engaged in gossips. In Most of the countries, people do not know who the neighbors are.

6. Eating with Hands:


Now, this is common for everyone in India and as long as we love chapattis. According to the people, there is a different satisfaction of food when eaten with hands. You might never find this at any other place.

7. The Rush Hour Overload:


Accommodating themselves into crowded busses and trains is just a piece of art. In India people do say, "Who Cares?" and probably this is the reason why there are so many accidents.

8. Joint Family:


In India, we are very much happy to give and take respect from others and take care of them. There are so many joint families in the country like nowhere else. For the other countries, Independence and freedom is what matters.

9. Missed Calls:


This might be the funniest things ever happening in India but missed calls are surely a fact to consider. In other countries, there are only Outgoing & Incoming.

10. Fasting:


The Occasion of Karva Chauth happens only in India where all women do keep a fast for the long lives of their husband. There are much more occasions in several regions of our country where women keep fasting for their husband, their family and all relatives. Superpower to Our women!

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