10 Things That Men Really Don’t Care About In Bed During Sex.

Published on: 1/09/17 6:48 PM

Here are 10 Things That Men Really Don't Care About In Bed. Infact, they do not even try to notice while having Sex!

Ever wondered how your Physical attire would attract a man in bed? How would your skin tone actually matter to him while you are intimating? What he thinks about your breast size? How ‘I am perfect in every situation’ rule would affect a man while he is enjoying sex? The big answers to all of these are a big no! Especially, every man is in a different mood, while they are about to intimate with their partner. Well! Here are 10 Things That Men Really Don’t Care About In Bed. In fact, they do not even try to notice while having Sex!


10. How long it takes you to orgasm?


Sometimes, you might get it very quickly while sometimes it might be late. Do not get upset about anything that happens, men always love it when you do orgasm.

9. Embarrassing sounds that you make


Do you feel awkward about the vaginal sounds and weired noise that comes out during the intercourse, while he is too busy to enjoy his moment of sex?. So, girl don't bother about that at all coz he does not even care. It is something that does not matter to him at all.

8. When you don't want to go oral


Sex can also be fun without oral. It is certainly true that most men love BJ, but it is also true that it is not compulsory every time. It is okay to say NO sometime.

7. When you take control


We usually believe that a man dominates in bed, but the reality is every man wishes that his partner also takes the control. As long as you know the difference of taking control and ordering them, it is indeed great.

6. If you have small boobs!


At least you have them. It is certainly the most prized possession and your partner would be too busy to enjoy it whether BIG or SMALL.

5. That move you tried


Upset about a move which you tried out to innovate but did not work out? Well, do not think about it much because he is neither thinking for that. In fact, he has left the move then and there only.

4. A pimple on your face


You might feel awkward to be with your partner while having a pimple on your face. But while having sex, the pimple just seems to be invisible to him!

3. Your facial expressions

Do you think that making such facial expressions would actually attract him more? Wrong, do not get inspired by movies, he will actually continue to do what he wants to.

2. The fat on your body


There are many women who believe that there are many women present who hide their bodies because of the fat. He would just say that being curvy is just the new sexy. He is doing it with you because he feels to.

1. Are Your Legs Waxed?

Well, it is evident that he might notice them while you and your partner are just about to start your intimacy, but once you are into action, he would not fuss about them at all. In fact, he would be too busy to admire your body.

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