10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Ex

Published on: 21/08/17 2:21 PM

Well, if you accidentally met with your Ex one day, here are 10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Ex!

Having a breakup is really heartbreaking, and moving on from a breakup is also a great move. After a breakup, emotion plays a big role in any serious relationship which can hurt anyone in the world and can bring them to tears, anger, or even hatred. However, if you have already committed to a relationship or even your ex-has come into a new relationship, it is not a good gesture to hurt them at all.  Well, if you accidentally met with your Ex one day, here are 10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Ex!


1. I wish I had never met you

A relationship can never be possible if both the man and the woman are not involved in it. However, if your relationship has never worked out, you cannot ever blame the other person for the situation.

2. You were never good in bed.


Just because you have had a breakup, it is never a good decision to call him/her bad in bed. Sharing some moments in bed can be the best time a couple can spend together. Abusing anything related to that can be very hurtful.

3. You need a therapy.


Calling a person to be mentally sick is never a good thing to get your needs fulfilled. It can be very kiddish to say such things to which might always be very emotional also. So never say such things to your Ex.

4. Do you even have balls?


"Do you even have balls?"- This is never a good thing to ask your ex just to hurt him. This might just be one of the worst things to say to a guy. It is never a good gesture to even question on the balls of the man.

5. I would better date your friend


Just to hurt your ex or even to take revenge, it can be very much uncomfortable in future. A person who is in love with you can always be uncomfortable to hear this every time. It is not only harsh but also can be very much uncomfortable.

6. Can we be back together?


It can be very hard to move on from a breakup for everyone. However, portraying yourself needy in front of your ex is never a smart thing to be done at all. You can move on or either keep waiting for him/her to approach.

7. You never deserved me


Saying such strong words to your ex with hatred might never be an ideal thing to say. It was completely your own decision to date the person whom you were never happy with. So, never say "You never deserved me!"

8. I am happier now


If you think that choosing a very scratchy word to your ex might be getting him back to love you, you are wrong. She/he might feel weak after hearing "I am happier now"! Thus, it is never an ideal thing to be done.

9. I hate you!


You might undergo a lot of emotions at the same time, but saying such emotional words might never help you at all. In fact, it is not at all a good decision to say I hate you! It makes no difference to the person who is your Ex.

10. I Miss You


"I Miss You!" are three strong words that may define the weakness of one person. It might not be the ideal thing to say to your ex. It might also give an advantageous position to play with your feelings.

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