10 Worst Terrorist Attacks Of All Time

Published on: 28/04/18 11:01 AM

Everybody does not have the spine to stand up for his demands and fight face to face. Some such people follow another way to threaten their targets and get the demands completed. These people are terrorists and militants who always attack from behind with a purpose of frightening people.

Many of such attacks took place in bus, train, planes, ships, temples, business areas, and also in crowded marketplaces. Numerous people lost their lives in terrorist attacks. All the attacks are condemnable, but sometimes things get worse. These are 10 worst terrorist attacks of all time in which hundreds of people lost their lives.

1. 9-11 Attack


It was the worst terrorist attack after which America and its allies had begun the biggest war against Al-Qaeda and other similar terror organizations. Over 2,993 people had lost their lives in the 9-11 attacks and 8,900 people were severely injured.

2. 2008 Mumbai Attacks

It was probably the worst terror attack occurred in India. Militants were freely roaming on the streets of the Mumbai city. They were on the railway station, in the Taj hotel, and also in the hospital. People were frightened on this day. 166+ people had lost their lives during 26-11 attacks and 600+ people were injured.

3. Besan School Hostage Crisis

32 Chechnyan separatists were succeeded in capturing 1,300 kids and adults at Besan’s Schoon. This horrific attack took place on 1st Sept 2004. The separatists were demanding to free Chechnya but Russia did not agree. Separatists killed adult hostages immediately. The hostage situation remained as it is for two more days and then the Russian special forces attacked terrorists to rescue the hostages. More than 300 people were killed due to this hostage situation.

4. Madrid Train Bombing

This attack took place on March 11, 2004. Four trains were attacked in Madrid. It was a thrilling and frightening experience for the citizens of Madrid city. 191+ people got killed during this terrorist attack and numerous others were injured.

5. 2011 Norway Attacks

Two deadly terrorist attacks took place in Norway on 22 July 2011. The first bomb was planted in a car and another one was planted near the office buildings. 8 people died in this attack and more than 2009 people were injured.

6. 2003 Istanbul Bombings

15th November 2003 and 20th November 2003, these two were truly two wretched days for the citizens of Istanbul. Total four truck bombs were planted in which 57+ people were killed and more than 700 people were injured.


7. New Delhi Bombing 2005


Pakistani militants always try their best to enter in India and affect the peaceful atmosphere in this country. They were succeeded on October 29, 2005, and planted many bombs before the Diwali festival. More than 62 people were killed and 210 people were injured during this terrorist attack.

8. London Bombings

No nation is safe since young innocent people started following extremists. 7th July 2005 was a frightening day for London because eight bombs were exploded in this city on 7th July and 21st July. 52 innocent people had died during these attacks and more than 700 people got badly injured.

9. Air India Flight 182

This was the very first time when a terrorist had tried to attack a whole flight. It was one of the deadliest attacks ever took place on a plane. The plane was flying above Atlantic ocean when the Bomb exploded and killed all 329 people within a few minutes.

10. Peshawar school massacre

It was the deadliest attack took place in a nation that is often accused of helping numerous terrorist organizations. More than 156 innocent children and other people got killed during this attack and 114 people were injured.

Terrorists always try to show they are active by planting bombs and killing innocent people. They frightened people for a while but people stood up against those cowards. Improved technology and better intelligence have helped our forces in exterminating those insects. This problem will get solved completely soon.


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