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11 Breathtaking Theatres In The World You Must Visit With Your Girlfriend

Published on: 13/08/17 4:19 PM

These are the 11 Breathtaking Theatres In The World You Must Visit With Your Girlfriend

Taking Out your girlfriend for a movie is indeed a very romantic moment which you can revive together. If you are planning for an abroad trip this year, you should surely take the experience of being in some of the best theatres to visit. These are the 11 Breathtaking Theatres In The World You Must Visit With Your Girlfriend.

11. Fox Theatre, Detroit, Michigan


Situated in Downtown Detroit, Michigan, Fox Theatre is one of the best movie theatres to spend a quality time with your girlfriend. Designed by architect C. Howard Crane, Fox Theatre is a blend of Chinese, Burmese, Indian and Persian motifs.

10. Le Grand Rex, Paris


The Le Grand Rex is considered to be the second largest cinema in the Europe which is situated in Paris. Decorated in a Fairy Tale style, the sides of the screens also include wear features. It is specialized in Hollywood and Disney production movies.

9. Infoversum Theatre, Groningen


The Infoversum Theatre, Groningen is completely designed to be a 3d cinema theatre which features planetariums as well as other features. It has a complete slanted rod which should be experienced with your girlfriend once in life.

8. Riverbad Cinema, Prizren, Kosovo


How would it be to watch a movie in an open screen with the mountain river flowing under your feet? Romantic, isn't it? The Riverbad Cinema in Prizren, Kosovo gives you such a romantic experience.

7. Floating Archipelago Cinema, Thailand


Situated in Yao Noi, Thailand, the Floating Archipelago Cinema hosts the Film on Rocks Festival. Contestants are sailed with the boats between the islands. You might get drizzled to watch the atmosphere or the movie.

6. Sci-Fi dine in theatre, USA


The Sci-Fi dine in theatre is another beautiful place to take your girlfriend for a movie along with a long drive experience. Situated in the Disney's Hollywood Studios, USA.  It has a car like booth with movie screen in the front. Get back to the retro with a long drive.

5. Electric cinema, London


The Electric cinema in London is just the place to be with her. The soft cushions and the luxury sofas will make you enjoy the most with her. This is also among the top theatres in London.

4. Winter Garden Theatre, Manhattan


Situated between the 50th and 51st street of Manhattan where reaching with your girlfriend is a must. The Winter Garden Theatre offers private beds for couples to sleep back while enjoying the movie.

3. Cinegold Plex Cinema, Pakistan


Situated in the Bahria town of Pakistan, the Cinegold Plex Cinema is one of the most beautiful multiplex cinemas constructed. It is more like a luxurious hotel.

2. Olympia Music Hall, Paris


Situated in Paris, France, it is another romantic movie theatre where you must visit. The Olympia Music Hall understands your comfort and provides with seats and pull away beds.

1. Tuschinski, Amsterdam


The Tuschinski situated in Amsterdam is known to be as the most beautiful movie theatres of the world. The interior and exterior are a spectacular mix of styles, as designed by Hijman Louis de Jong; Amsterdam School, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco. The architecture has different styles where you must visit.

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