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11 Most Brutal Methods Of Execution Used In The Past

Published on: 18/09/17 6:27 PM

This is something unimaginable. The 11th one is enough to give you a heart attack.

1. Lingchi

Death by thousands is the brutal way which was once practiced in China. Criminals were killed by removing the flesh of their skins. Never before this cruelest way was ever used. This technique was terminated in the year 1905. The most ironic thing in this process is they used to give Opium as a kindness and mercy.

2. Impalement

It is a gruesome execution which was practiced in Russia during the 15th century & also by Greek Empire, Roman Empire & Neo Assyrian Empire. This practice included a sharp wooden pole or stake on which an offender was made to sit and that sharp wooden pole raised and emerged through the neck of a culprit. The penetration is mainly done through the rect**, through the vagi**, through sides or through the mouth of the victim. Around 80,000 people were punished this way.

3. Flaying

This brutal method of execution was practiced by the people of Ming Dynasty and Assyrians. In this process skin of the criminal or an offender were peeled off when they were alive. The flesh of their skins was part of the city walls to warn others not to commit the crime.

5. Rat Torture

This method is very painful execution for an offense. It is the brutal technique ever used. In this process, Rats and Mice are put in a rat trap and then is put on human's naked body and burning charcoal was piled on the dish and then in hustle bustle to find their way out, they bit the man's flesh. Eventually, It results in Death of an offender.


This is most heard method practiced in Europe and Russia around 3000 years ago. As it is clear from the name, Boiling, Yes,the criminal was put inside the cauldron which is full of water, oil, acid and anything and then the whole cauldron is set at the fire on a high temperature. The heat burns the body and eventually leads to death.

6. Crucifixion

We all must be familiar with this technique because Lord Jesus christ was nailed to the wooden crossed structure. Likewise, this punishment was for those who have done a severe crime. Their limbs were nailed to the structure. They are hanged till death which happens because of over exhaustion and cardiac arrest.

7. Sawing

This awfully terrible act is practiced in Medieval Europe. This includes a person hanging upside down and then brutally cutting his body into two halves by the use of a saw. It was very much painful technique.


8. The Catherine Wheel

It is also known as the Breaking Wheel. In this the person is tied to a big wheel with his body stretched out and then the wheel is rotated which smashes the person's limb and break the bones of the person end up killing an offender. It was used a popular method used in medieval Europe & was common in countries like France and Germany.

9. Scaphism

Scaphism is an inhuman method in which the victims are tied with a pair of small rowboats with only their head, hands, and feet exposed. The person was then forced to eat or drink huge amounts of milk and honey until they develop severe diarrhea. A mixture of milk and honey was also applied on their bodies to attract insects and flies. The boat was then left to float freely in the water. The flesh of a person gets septic, wounds, starvation and eventually lead to death.


10. Brazen Bull

Brazen Bull also was known as Sicilian Bull was a device used for torture and execution of criminals. It was designed in ancient Greece. In this method, a criminal or a person who does an offence is put under a hollow bull made of bronze and that whole structure was laid on fire. By the time metals melts, the victim dies due to unbearable pain and severe burns. This was really a cruel way of capital punishment.

11. Disembowelment

Disembowelment also known as Evisceration is one of the most brutal methods of execution in ancient times. In this method, some of the vital organs are removed from the abdomen part area of victim's body, slowly and slowly. In some cases, vital organs like heart and lungs are been removed from the culprit's body. This method was practiced by people of countries like Japan, Vietnam, England, Germany, America, Roman Empire & Netherland.

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