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11 Weird, Anti-Feminist Rules That Still Exist In India

Published on: 19/03/18 4:00 PM


The UN has ranked India as the 133rd happiest country in the world. Even Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan are doing better than India when it comes to the happiness of the inhabitants. People may say there are various reasons or simply refuse to agree with the report, but I believe it is because of the way women and girls are treated in this country.

Most of the Indian girls and women know that there are certain rules, which apply only to them. These rules are neither good for those innocent girls nor for the growth of this country. Let’s find out some those weirdest rules applied only to girls in India.

Study, but don’t expect the permission to work

Don't Expect to Work after StudiesSource

Thanks to some great campaigns regarding education, now the parents agree that girl child should also study. They expect their girls to get good marks and make them feel proud. When it comes to doing a job, many parents say no. Some say no because they want her to get prepared for the marriage and some say no because she will have to leave the town for the job. There are no such rules for boys in India.

It is not your home

parent's home is not her homeSource

People do not miss any opportunity of realizing a girl that her parent’s home is not her home. They want to make her feel like her parents are offering some sort of shelter till her adult age. Once she is legally adult, they will send her to her real home (her husband’s home).

Restrictions are only for you


It is another weird rule. Whenever she wants to move out with her friends or prepare for something special like her bros, most of the parents do not allow. The Indian parents care about their girls and also dictate their life’s vital decisions.

Avoid comparison with brother

Comparison to Brother - Big Rule for Girls in IndiaSource

Whether you compare the education, freedom, or simply the way they want to live the life, the girls cannot expect the same facilities as their brothers. The Indian parents encourage the boys more than their girl children. The situation is quite worse in rural India.

You cannot love

Someone Special - Not Applicable to Indian GirlsSource

Love is the most precious feeling in the world. Every Indian girl dreams to live those precious moments with someone special, but they are not entitled to it. The Indian parents feel very embarrassed when they learn “their daughter has an affair”.

You must learn how to cook

Parental Rules For Girls in India - Learn to cookSource

Whether she wants to fly a jet, whether she wants to be an astronaut like Kalpana Chawla, whether she wants to be a model or an actress like Deepika, she should first learn how to cook. If she does not learn it, nobody is going to marry her. That’s what most of the Indian parents think.

Do not think about the shorts

Anti Feminist Rules India - Don't Wear ShortsSource

Whenever any major crime against the girls takes place in India, people first accuse the girl of her outfits. Even the girls from metropolitan cities face a lot of vulgar comments because of their outfits. Of course, it is ridiculous but that’s what happens in India.

You cannot argue with the elders

Want to be Decent Indian Girl - Don't ArgueSource

The Indian society has not offered women the right to argue back, whenever there is an argument. If someone speaks back and defends herself, people start considering her as a mouthy girl or women. Those, who stay silent and tolerate others, are called modest. Yes, that is pathetic but it is what girls face a lot.

Can’t worship and cook during the Menstruation Cycle

Strange Rules applied to Girls in IndiaSource

Girls suffer from anxiety, depression, and some also bear a lot of pain during this time. Instead of making things comfortable for them, the Indian society restricts their movements. The girls and women are not allowed to enter the kitchen throughout this duration. They cannot even pray because of this physical condition. We must feel embarrassed because of such rules.

You cannot enter in certain temples

Rules for Girls in India


The god made us same and we all have the right to worship any god we want, but things get a bit weird when it comes to girls. The Indian society has been prohibiting girls and women from entering Lord Hanuman and Shani temples for a long time. Things got a bit better in the recent few years, but still, the girls are not allowed in many temples in India.

Women should be paid less than Men

women-discrimination- Weird Rules Applied to Women and Girls in IndiaSource

Here in India we can see a sense of Gender Equality and discrimination. Whether its home or a outside job, preference to men is given more than those given to women.






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