12 Reasons That Proves The Strong Relation Between Science And Indian Tradition

Published on: 9/10/17 5:06 PM

India is rich in tradition and unique in culture. Women of India love to wear jewelry on the different occasion of the life as means of rituals. We all know ornaments are being worn just to enhance the beauty but there are many other reasons from which we all are unfamiliar with. It is hard to believe that how people of the ancient era knew so much about the scientific reasons for wearing ornaments.

1. Gold Ornaments


Gold is a jewelry that brightens the appearance of a person who wears it. Gold has an anti-inflammatory property which helps in retaining your age. It settles down the acne, pimples, and maintain body's energy and aura. 

2. Maang Tikka


Maang Tikka is an Indian hair adornment that is an essential element in Solah-Shringahar. The scientific reason behind wearing this ornament is that it controls the body heat. The Gol Chakra indicates unification of female and male on an emotional, spiritual and physical level.

3. Nose Ring


Piercing the nose near a particular node in nostril helps in reducing the pain during periods. This also helps in easy childbirth. Women usually prefer to wear nose rings in left nostrils because left Nostril Nerves are associated with the female reproductive organ.

4. Sindoor


The tradition of applying vermilion (sindoor) is said to have propagated through more than 5000 yrs of Hindu Culture. Scientifically, It is believed that element named Mercury found in vermilion maintains pressure on the nerve on the women's head. Also, It improves penal gland's functioning.

5. Indian Anklet


The anklet is an ornament to increase the beauty of an Indian woman. These anklets made of gold and silver is a benefit because they make one feel energetic and also looks enthrall. 

6. Bangles


It was started in ancient-era when women started wearing bangles. Bangles are known as an ornament which adorns arms. It helps in keeping heartbeat and blood pressure controlled and helps in getting rid of throat diseases.

7. Mangalsutra


Mangalsutra is an ornament of women denoting her marital status. It is an integral part of Indian Traditions. Wearing Mangalsutra helps in various ways like- It controls the blood pressure of the body, getting rid of heart diseases. The stringing together of the beads into one thread has its significance as well. Likewise, It is believed that a woman also binds everyone together. The woman has to blend and integrate into the new family after marriage.

8. Earings


Ear-piercing is treated as a remedy and helps in treating menstrual problems. There is a point on the ear known as the Hunger Point, and this important point can be worked to help a woman if she wishes to change her diet for weight loss purposes.

9. Rings


Ring, the most common ornament worn by both the men and women to enhances their beauty. The marriage ring is worn in the ring finger as this never binds the heart and mind together. It also improves one's general capacity in handling his/her life with ease and confidence.

10. Toe-Ring


In women, wearing Toe rings on both feet, the menstrual cycle course is regularized with regular intervals. 

11. Kamarband


The waist ornament Kardhani was also known as Kamarband is worn around the waist. It prevents one from obesity and helps in controlling the extra belly fat.

12. Armlet


Armlet is an ornament worn on arm usually by women. Its worn as an ornament around the upper arms by Indian women which helps in blood circulation.

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