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13 Amazing Personality Traits Of An Indigo Person. Are You The One ?

Published on: 27/03/18 7:13 PM

Are You An Indigo Person..?

Have you experienced yourself being surrounded by a supernatural power when you are asleep? Do you feel you don’t belong here as the world is not good for you?? If the answer to these questions is yes, you should definitely know some more facts about your personality. Let’s know about the personality of an indigo person better.

1. You Understand Animals

Supernatural Powers

Animals heart is best-understood by you and you can hear their non-verbal communication very clearly. If you are a proud owner of a pet, you tend to study their behavior in deep to not let them suffer and do everything to pamper your cute pet.

2. High Intelligence

Indigo people have high level of intelligence

Indigo people have never been a topper in school but are intelligent to the core. They are intelligent in the way they perceive life, real life and use the lessons for their personal mission.

3. You Are Creative

Indigo's are driven by invention

You are imaginative and creative individual which makes you artistic, innovative, musician, or even an author. An abundant amount of creative tendencies, flexible mind, exists in you. Indigo’s are driven by invention and inspired by thought.

4. Honesty Is Your Truth

Honesty Is Your Truth

You are true to the core which makes you unacceptable, prone and out of place sometimes. Your truth makes you sound blunt and straight sometimes which as a result present you less worthy.

5. Still Babies

childlike in nature as the world

You are still childlike in nature as the world is filled with fun and entertainment. You lack the maturity to deal with the world.

6. Burning Desire To Change The World

burning desire to change the world

A person who is indigo holds a burning desire to change the world and feel the bag of responsibility on their shoulders. You have a burning desire to change the world and actually, take actions to bring in some change.

7. You Wish To Know Why?


Its a basic trait of indigo that they need to know why behind everything? especially for the task, they are asked to do. An indigo person will not do a task without knowing the reason behind doing it. They wish to know everything they do in depth before they step in to actually do it.

8. You Are Rebellious


Indigo person hates authority and command as it makes them repel authority or commands them by someone. They are their own boss and can only be used if their views are respected and accepted.

9. Unusual Psychic Experiences


At times you feel an unusual presence in your surrounding that makes you feel being watched. Sometimes you even feel someone’s touch on you, especially while sleeping. You feel angels whispering in your ears and be your guiding angel that decided your career path. Isn’t it scary to be surrounded by a ghost or an angel?

10. Forgiving


Indigo species are sensitive to others emotions so they change themselves to excel in their domain. It will be hurting them on the inside but they appear to be forgiving on the outside.

11. Karma Does It For You

Karma - Signs of Indigo Person

If someone crosses them, stab them, hurt them or plot them into a negative scenario, such people end up inviting hell for themselves. As indigo species are a most loved creature of god that has a direct connection with him. Karma makes the culprit of indigo die in hell and burns until death for the deeds they did.

12. You Have Been Through Depression

Being in Depression - Characteristics of Indigo Person

Indigo people have seen adversities of life but they still manage to embrace a smile. They have been through hell and overcome depression like a pro. And, have fought the negative thoughts.

13. You Run To Fix People If You See Them Suffer

Fix other people's problem trait of indigo person

If you are the most empathetic person who cries out on seeing others in pain you deserve to call yourself an Indigo person. You fix people’s spirit and not let them suffer anymore.