13 Awesome Dialogues From RAID That Will Make You Book Your Tickets Right Away!

Published on: 17/03/18 11:50 PM

RAID Is All About The Victory Of Just Over Unjust..!!!

The movie raid revolves around the life of a loyal income tax officer which revolves around early 80’s in UP. This movie is ruling hearts of the audience and is a true story covering the high profile raids that our country has known so far. Amay Patnaik (Ajay Devgn) is a straightforward person who holds a no-nonsense attitude and is an Income Tax officer by profession. Because of his idealistic beliefs and courageous attitude, he has been transferred 49 times in his career. He is serious about tax evasion and aims to uncover tax frauds that result in hitting riches of big shot. Patnaik is assigned the case of Tauji who is a highly influential and feared man of Uttar Pradesh. This raid would be the most challenging raid in the history of his career as well as for Income Tax Department. Lets see would Amay find justice for innocent taxpayers or would end up losing his life at the end of the story??  Here are some popular dialogs from the movie Raid that will make you type on google- book tickets for the movie RAID on Bookmyshow.com right away.

1. Reason Behind Poverty

2. Courage Speaks In Action

3. His Attitude Towards His Profession

4. Need Of The Hour

5. Reality Behind Government Job

6. He Rules In Style Like A Boss

7. Ajay Devgn As Amay Patnaik

8. He Doesn’t Fear Robbers

9. Cases To Him Be Like

10. Politician Tried To Scare Him

11. Politician Showing Him The Mirror
12. He Tried To Stop The Unstoppable Amay
13. Amay’s Wife Has A Dialog Too

After seeing these posters you might be excited to know how much IMDb rating this movie scored, any guesses?? We are pleased to reveal you that this movie has managed to score 8.2/10. Now you can plan this movie with your friends or family or even your someone special. Hope this movie delivers the message that needs to be implemented in our country.

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