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13 Bizzare Funeral Rituals Followed By People Around The World

Published on: 16/09/17 7:13 PM

Please prepare yourself well before reading this!

You may have heard a lot about the funeral practices followed by people around the world, but did you know about these creepy rituals which are practiced in different cultures that’ll shock you. Here is a list of 13 disgusting funeral rituals you must definitely read about.

1) Famadihana - A dance with the Corpse


Malagasy people( From Madagascar) have this weird ritual which they celebrate in every seven years to get together with their dead ancestors. This is called 'Famadihana' festival. In this they open up the grave of their ancestors, wrap them up in new cloth and dance with it to enjoy the togetherness. To lessen the bad smell coming from the dead body, it is sprayed with wine. It is considered as a cultural event and not a religious one.

2) Apayao kitchen burial


Apayao people also known as Isnegs from the North Philippines have a strange ritual where they wrap their dead family members in a mat and put in coffin along with a spear, a shield and jar basi for the journey. They then bury the coffin under the kitchen area of their homes. 

3) Blindfolded corpse ritual


Indigenous people from Benguet of Northwestern Philippines blindfold the dead corpse of their family members and tie their arms and legs together and make them sit in a chair for eight days. This chair with a dead body is placed outside the house in front of the main entrance. Creepy! isn't it?

4) Dead body turned into beads


Okay, so you must have worn jewelry with beads but did you know remains of dead body are also turned into beads. Yes, my dear it is true! South koreans have a different way of keeping their deceased relatives nearby. They take ashes and transform them into shiny blue, black or green beads and keep it in glass container as a show piece. 

5) Sky burials to be picked by vultures


Buddhist Tibetans and Mongolians practice sky burials and offer bodies of their deceased relatives to vultures . The dead bodies are considered as empty vessels and vultures are believed as an angel-like figures who take the dead to heaven. They consider this activity as an act of charity and compassion.

6) Totem pole funeral of Haida


The funeral ritual done nowadays is totally different from the funeral practice done by the tribal people from Haida of North America. They body of the dead persons also known as chief or shaman is crushed into pulps and put in a small suitcase box and set it on the top of a tall totem pole to decompose. This mortuary totem pole is fixed infront of the door of the deceased person's house. Awful, right?

7) Endocannibalism - Eating the dead body


You may have heard of a lot of creepy funeral rituals but this is the worst anyone can have read about. Mayoruna people from South America, Melanesians of Papua New Guinea, the Wari people of Brazil & the Yanomamo people practiced Endocannibalism in the past. Endocannibalism refers to consuming the flesh of the dead from the same community. Eewww!!! 

8) Zoroastrianism: Exposure of the dead


This method is practised by Parsi community. In this tradition, the dead body is washed in Gomez( Bulls' urine) and water. His clothes and room is also cleaned before final disposal. The corpse is then allowed a final visit by relatives. A holy dog or 'Sagdid' is brought twice to keep away the body from demons. Lastly, it is moved to Tower of silence where it is eaten by vultures. What a treat to them!

9) Tinguian Funeral


Tinguian group are really cool in their funeral ritual. They, upon the death, of a person dress the body in its finest clothing, make them to sit on a chair and lit cigarettes in their lips. What a swagger!

10) Coffinless burial: Truly Eco-friendly


This in turn is the best method to protect the environment from any harmful residual of the coffin. The body is wrapped in a woven willow caskets and is directly placed in a pit which gradually decomposes into the ground. Also it is inexpensive, as there are only minimal costs involved.

11) Finger Amputation


This ritual is practised by Dani people of Papua, New Guinea. In this, when a loved one dies, a finger from a woman's body is amputated to celebrate and remember them. People from this religion believe that physical representation of emotional pain is essential to the grieving process. Ouch! It's so painful...

12) Trees used as burial places


Rural people from Cavite of Philipines have a ritual where a dying person chooses the tree before his death and hollowed out tree trunk is used as a burial place. After the death the corpse is placed inside the hollow tree and enshrined vertically. 

13. Hanging Coffins


The tradition of Hanging coffins was practiced by people of Igorot tribe of Mountain Province situated in Northern Philipines. In this tradition the body of dead is burried inside the hanging coffins which are nailed from sides of cliff, facing high above the ground. One of the most common belief behind the practising this tradition is that moving the body of dead high above the ground surface brings them more closer to ancestral spirits.

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