13 Funniest Double Meaning Songs Of Bollywood You Should Listen Once!

Published on: 7/09/17 7:46 AM

So, slow the volume of your speakers at low when u r in office.

What reaction do you give when you are buzzing around with your friends, and someone pops out saying double meaning words? What reactions do you give when you watch a movie with your family which has extreme double meaning words? Well! A lot of lyricists in Bollywood might have just worked hard to put a great effort in songs, but have ended up in making a roast of comedy out of it. There are certain songs which we love to hear, but with their double meaning standards, it can be really awkward to hear them in front of everyone. Here are 13 Funniest Double Meaning Songs of Bollywood You Should Listen Once.

13. Aa Re Pritam Pyare (Rowdy Rathore – 2012)

"Pallu ke neeche chupa ke rakha hai
Utha doon toh hangama ho ho ho
Pallu ke neeche daba ke rakha hai
Utha doon toh hangama ho"

Haah!...now what she is hiding behind her pallu is well known by all of us. Dirty Mind!

12. Rukmani Rukmani (Roja – 1992)

"Rukmani rukmani shadee ke bad kya kya huwa
Kaun hara kaun jita khidaki me se dekho jara
Ho ho o, ho ho o ho ho o
Ungli se chhua hoga kanp gayee goree tab
Ho ho o, ho ho o ho ho o
Kaamdev mast hoke nachne lage thay tab
Ho ho o, ho ho o ho ho o"

Yes, you guessed it right! The old lady is asking Rukmani indirectly about the sex games that Rukmani played after her marriage. Poor old lady...

11. In The Night No Control (Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi - 1996)

In this song naughty Rekha is urging Khiladi Akshay Kumar to do something. I am sure u know what she is urging for?

"In the night no control
Kya karu kuch to bol
Tod de ye badan
Take my love take my soul
In the night no control
Kya karu kuch to bol."

10. Yeh Maal Gadi Tu Dhakka Laga (Andaz - 1994)

Haah! R u thinking that Juhi chawla is asking for pushing the loaded vehicle..then u r gone wrong......This is something for Dirty minds.

"Ye maal gaadi tu dhakka laga
Thoda rukjha thoda rukjha
Chalu karunga engine iska
Tu darati hai kya ye maal gaadi
Ye maal gaadi tu dhakka laga
Dhakka kaga re dhakka laga
Garam ho gaya engine iska dhakka deta ja"

9. Choli ke peeche kya hai (Khalnayak - 1993)

"Choli ke peeche kya hai, choli ke peeche
Choli ke peeche kya hai, choli ke peeche
Chunri ke neeche kya hai, chunri ke neeche
Chunri ke neeche kya hai, chunri ke neeche"

This is one of the most easily understood double meaning song. 

8. Khada Hai (Andaz - 1994)

The song Khada Hai has something more hidden in the meaning than what you might think. The Juhi Chawla and Anil Kapoor starrer song Khada Hai translates to "Erect". I believe that it is understood by all.

"Khada hai khada hai khada hai
Khada hai khada hai khada hai"

7. Din Mein Leti Hai, Raat Mein Leti Hai (Amaanat - 1994)

"Din mein leti hai raat mein leti hai
Din mein leti hai raat mein leti hai
Subah ko leti hai sham ko leti hai"

Now this song deserves a noble price in the standard of double meaning songs. I really believe that you must have great guts to speak up and sing this song for your Girlfriend.

6. Hum Toh Tambu Mein Bambu Lagae Baithe (Mard - 1985)

What is tambu mein bambu? What infact is the Tambu, Is it a piece of cloth which the actor is wearing? Then the Bambu part is getting very fishy indeed. I hope you can understand what I am trying to say. The lyrics will make it clearer.

5. Teri Le Loon (Tere Mere Beech Mein - 1984)

This movie Tere Mere Beech Mein is just what we all would be looking for. The movies actors and also the actresses do are electrifying. But, the music of the song is just what will make everyone go crazy.

"Khol ke mujhko dede, oh dede dede
Khol ke mujhko dede…."

4. Laila (Shootout at Wadala - 2013)

Released in the year of 2013, the Sunny Leone starrer was indeed one of the most attractive parts of the movie. But have you noticed the lyrics? They are just crazy AF and it is better for us not to understand.

"O Laila teri le legi
Tu likh ke le le… hey hey…
O Laila teri le legi
Tu likh ke le le"

3. I Am A Hunter (Gangs of Wasseypur - 2012)

The initial Genre of the song is Chutney Music. What else can be much funnier than this? You might just be willing to scratch your hair after hearing the song I Am A Hunter. Grammar nazi better not listen to it.

"I am a hunter and she want to see my gun
When I pull it out boy, the woman start to run
She beg me to see it, she beg me to show it
But when I reveal it, she want to run and hide"

2. DK Bose (Delhi Belly - 2011)

Though the whole movie was initially good, this particular song was the star of the whole show. It felt like the composer just needed to create a song and that is the reason why this was built.

"Bhaag bhaag DK Bose, DK Bose, D K Bose
Bhaag Bhaag DK ‘Bose DK’ Bhaag"

1. Dreamum Wakeupum (Aiyyaa - 2012)

The sexy number featuring Rani Mukherjee has some of the funniest words in it. The video of the song is more hilarious than what the words are. However, the whole movie of Aiyyaa was a prank for everyone.

"Face to face-um dharti putram
Top to base-um kamasutra-um
Thighs-um thunder-um down-um under-um
Size-um matter-um think-um wonder-um

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