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13 Herbal Health Teas That Hold Some Beauty Benefits You Never Knew About!

Published on: 24/03/18 2:46 PM

Varients Of Tea With Beauty Benefit!

Dear tea lovers we have a tea goal for you. Confused?? Don’t be confused it’s about your favorite tea that is an inseparable part of your daily routine. So try these Tea’s and enjoy the beauty benefit it carries as a compliment to your body. Excited to know what these varieties are? Let’s reveal you with these thirteen beauty benefits backed up with the tea variant.

1. Green Tea

Green Tea Health Benefits

Intake of green tea can help in regulating blood pressure and keeping it intact. It holds anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Its capable of protecting the body against cancer that also promotes a healthy and glowing skin. Green tea increases metabolism which further regulates blood sugar level and capable of fighting from depression.

2. Black Tea

Black Herbal Tea Hair Growth Benefits


Drinking black tea can help you reduce the risk of developing arthritis. It is trained to lower the risk of heart disease and increase the energy that stimulates metabolism and boost the immune system. It helps in maintaining oral health and decrease chances of plaque formation and bacteria growth. If black tea is used to rinse hairs it can provide thick, dark hairs that also prevents hair loss.

3. White Tea

White Tea Herbal Benefits - Lowering Cholesterol

White tea is rich in antioxidants that help in lowering cholesterol and maintaining blood sugar level. It contains the antibacterial element and it also has low caffeine content.

4. Chamomile Tea


This tea helps in relieving the pain of menstrual cramps. Its capable of fighting with insomnia and reduce inflammation. It’s good for treating skin irritations and relieving headaches. This tea works like magic if you have an upset stomach. Its capable of fighting stiff muscle too.

5. Lavender Tea

Lavender Tea - Best Remedy for Stress Relief


Have you tasted this tea?? No. Then you should taste it for sure after knowing its health benefits. It helps in the de-stressing body and relieves your mind from stress. This tea holds the power to ease headaches and soothes skin. Its capable of fighting upset stomach. If you are anxious most of the time this tea will help you release anxiety. It acts as a sedative and protects you from mosquito by behaving as your mosquito repellant.

6. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea - Herbal Teas for Beauty Benefits

This tea is good for those who have been complaining of cold and flu for long. Intake of peppermint tea can increase alertness and relieve cold and flu. It relieves sinus problem and helps in weight loss too. Peppermint can decrease muscle pain which goes beneficial for digestion and gestation problems. Its capable of toothaches and inflammation associated with it.

7. Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea - Infertility Problems Cure, Alzheimer's disease, Prevention from Cancer

If you are facing fertility issue this tea will help you fix it. Intake of ginger can relieve upset stomach, relieves cough and cold, motion sickness and helps in blood circulation. It also helps prevents cancer and Alzheimer’s disease too.

8. Hibiscus Tea

Blood Pressure Problems, anti-aging and providing high vitamin - Herbal Health Benefits Hibiscus Tea

This tea made you recall the flower, isn’t it? It promotes weight loss and is capable of improving heart health. This tea is capable of lowering blood pressure, anti-aging and proving high vitamin and mineral intake in a tea. It treats depression and also has an antibacterial effect, and laxative effects.

9. Red Rasberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry Tea - PMS Benefits also known as women's tea

This tea is formally called as “Women’s Tea” as it promotes uterus health and regulates the menstrual cycle. It aims PMS and increases milk supply and helps in bringing uterus back to normal size after delivery.

10. Sage Tea

Benefits of Sage Tea reduces heartburn sensation and gum diseases


This tea gives you a mental clarity and helps ease cold and flu symptoms at an early stage itself. Being capable of regulating the menstrual cycle it relieves skin condition namely-rashes, insect bites too. It fights digestion issue such as bloating, gas, heartburn sensation and reduce gum disease.

11. Nettle Leaf Tea

Nettle Leaf Tea - Dandruff Remedy and Hair Growth- Herbal Teas Benefits

Intake of this beautiful tea will help you remove acne and fight dandruff prone scalp. Its capable of reducing allergies and provide hairs to grow again.

12. Oolong Tea

Alzheimer’s Cure, Cancer Prevention and reducing eczema - Oolong Herbal Tea

This tea can help in blood circulation and prevent the body from cancer and disease like Alzheimer’s. It helps in maintaining weight and prevent bone loss. Its high in antioxidants and capable of reducing eczema too.

13. Lemon Tea

Lemon Tea good herbal remedy for headaches and reducing anxiety

Intake of lemon in form of tea can helps to aid headache. It reduces anxiety and fights cramp and aids in digestion too.

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