15 Mistakes Every Young Couple In A Relationship Is Making

Published on: 19/11/17 7:20 AM

Mistakes to be avoided.

As time is passing by and people are growing up, they are getting more and more specific about their life partners. With happy relationships becoming a myth these days, the younger couples are opting for a live-in relationship rather than getting married to avoid any consequences at the time of clash.
Moving on becomes easy for few people and they wouldn’t mind heartbreaks because they expect one even before entering into a relationship. But, the sensitive people are getting a hold of this breakup spree and are suffering silently behind the doors.

Why do breakups usually happen? What are the things to avoid to make your relationship last longer?
Let us have a look at it

1. Not opening up to each other emotionally


If you are not comfortable with your partner, then why are you even together?
Trust is what builds up a relationship and you should be able to develop that trust by being more open emotionally and speak about your inner fears and insecurities to your better half. 

2. Expecting them to change for you


Every person is special in their own way. Everyone has their set of imperfections and we should be ready to accept that. Instead, if we argue with them to change them according to us, it is a very toxic thing to do. Even if they change, they will eventually become as they were and this will thus arise problems later. 

3. Third person interference


The worst thing one can ever do is getting a third person into your relationship issues. You never know if that person will solve it or make it bigger. So, it's better to be as close and personal about your relationship as possible.

4. Arguing to win


Whenever there is a clash of opinions, we tend to fight. It gets worse when one of them knows they are wrong but still continue to argue because of ego issues. It is always better to sort things out and talk it out instead of nagging about one thing and making things worse. 

5. Lack of communication


You always have to be open and talk to your partner about how you think and what he or she wants to say. Communication is the key to many happy relationships. Due to lack of communication, your relationship may get doomed. 

6. Not making time


Never keep your day so scheduled that you don't have any time for your partner. Instead of nagging about not having time to meet them, make clear priorities and give them your time to make them feel wanted. This relationship will definitely last. 

7. Not accepting your mistake


Whenever there is something bad that happened because of you, you should be able to accept it. If you surrender to your ego and go on supporting yourself, it will create more problems in your relationship and will eventually break it. Never let ego win over love!

8. Disrespecting differences


Every person is different and has different opinions. You should be able to respect them and make peace with it; or else you will always end up arguing.

9. Holding onto grudges


Never mention earlier arguments and hold on to grudges. Piling up issues and holding onto grudges makes things worse in a relationship. Don't carry unnecessary baggage. 

10. Difference in opinions regarding family planning


You never know when the right time for the baby is. Discuss and take each other's concerns into consideration and decide when you want the baby. Bearing a child is a responsibility and you don't want to give up on it and make the child suffer later.

11. Neglecting emotional and physical needs


When you neglect your partner's emotional or physical needs, they will feel very lonely. They might even go to an extent to finding someone else to fulfil this. So, make sure you're always around. 

12. Being negative


Whenever your partner is trying to do something new, never be negative about it. Encourage them to do better and to focus on it for achieving success. Negativity should be dropped down to level zero. 

13. Failing to embrace change


Change has always been and always will be inevitable. When you and your partner keep moving on with your personal lives, there will be a lot of changes and you should gear yourself up for them. Accept the changes and make sure you don't get a lot affected by them. 

14. Not giving respect to each other


Saying horrible things when on an argument and stopping low on self-respect only to get back together is the first step towards a toxic relationship. Never get too worse that it will no longer have a respect factor to it. 

15. Not respecting each other's space


We should be able to accept that we are two different human beings and have different personal lives. One should not barge too much into other's personal life and make them feel like this relationship is their life. Learn to respect their space! 

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