15 Rarest Flowers You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

Published on: 27/03/17 6:05 PM

Is there anything else as beautiful as flowers in nature? probably not. But, you can’t see all beautiful flowers in every garden. Some flowers are so rare, bloom in specific seasons or even after decades. Here the list of 15 rarest flowers you probably didn’t know exist.

Yellow & Purple Lady Slippers


Yellow and purple lady slippers are the rare members of the orchid family, located mainly in London. The rare yellow and purple lady slippers is also one of the expensive flowers in the world. That’s why the yellow and purple lady slipper is protected by law in London.

Fire Lily


This beautiful winter bloomer rewards one’s senses with deep orange flowers emanating from sunshine-yellow centers. A native to Natal, South Africa, it is a member of the Amaryllis family. In early winter, it requires cool night temperatures and a little drier culture to bring it into flower. Nearly indestructible as a container plant, dryness and low humidity do it no harm.

Chocolate Cosmos


The chocolate orchid is endemic to Mexico, but is now sadly believed to be extinct in the wild. The plant is so named because the odor it releases when it blooms smells of chocolate. There is only one example of this unique, maroon flower in existence today, a clone grown by scientists using a technique called vegetative propagation.

Jade Vine


Jade vine is a very rare flower found mostly in the rainforest of the Philippines and a few other locations. It has claw shaped flowers, which vary in color from blue to light green. The vine's stem can grow up to 18m (60 feet) in length and the flowers droop down to be pollinated by bats who hang from the trees that host the plant.

Parrot's beak


Parrot’s beak is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. It is endemic to Canary Islands. Only a few members of this species exist today. The disappearance of parrot’s beak flowers has started since 1884.

Hooker's Lip Flower


The odd looking flower looks like something animated as opposed to actually being a real plant. It is probably due to the fact that hookers are stereotypically perceived as having thick lips on which they choose to wear bright red lipstick. This flower is native to several tropical regions worldwide, although it is now becoming extinct.

Corpse Flower

Corpse flower is the largest and smelliest flower in the world. On blooming, this large flower would spread a rotten meat like odor. They only blooms once in every 30 or 40 years.

Sea poison Tree Flower


This fairytale beauty is native to various Islands within the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific Ocean. Its habitat favors that of tropical areas. As the name suggests, all parts of this plant are highly poisonous.

Monkey Orchid


These flowers are native to Ecuadorian and Peruvian cloud forests. Anyone can clearly see where they get their name in that they look like the faces of monkeys. The blooms scent is known to resemble the fragrance of ripe oranges.

Attenboroughs Pitcher Plant


This interesting looking plant is in fact carnivorous much like a Venus flytrap. The part of the plant that we view as being the 'flower' is actually the plants pitcher or trap, used for catching prey. The plant was named after the famed naturalist, Sir David Attenborough. This specific genus of pitcher plant is native to the Philippines.

Kokio (Kokia Cookie)


The flower of a small deciduous tree found only in Hawaii.There has only been one wild example of kokia cookei found in the last century, making it one of the rarest plant species in the world. The example that did exist was destroyed in a fire in 1978, but a branch had been removed earlier and was grafted onto a related plant to ensure its survival.



Rareness and beauty are main things that make kadupul flower so special. This beautiful flower mainly found in forests of Sri Lanka. Only a few people have got chance to feel the beauty of kadupul flower. Because it bloom only at mid night and perish before the dawn. For a healthy blooming kadupul flower demands specific conditions. In addition to this, the mid night blooming nature makes kadupul flowers unlikely to found by someone. Kadupul flower is not just beautiful very pleasant smelling also. It is also one of the most expensive flowers because of its shorter lifespan. Until now, no botanist could give correct explanation about the sudden death of kadupul flower.

Middlemist Red


John Middlemist, a nursery brought this amazing plant from China to the UK in 1804. Middlemist looks like a rose in ots deep pink color.

Rothschilds Slipper Orchid


This Flower is characterized by its red stripes and long side petals.It can only grow in the rainforests of Mount Kinabalu in northern Borneo, a large Asian island. Its growth range is even more limited by elevation, growing only between 1,640 and 3,930 feet above sea level. This orchid species has a high value on the black market where it is sold for as much as $5,000 per stem. This high cost makes them a target for smugglers which further threatens its already vulnerable existence.

The Black Bat Flower


The Black Bat flower is native to the tropical areas/regions of South East Asia. These flowers are known to demand high levels of humidity and water.

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