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17 Amazing Facts About India That Are Hard To Believe But Are Actually True

Published on: 13/11/17 4:38 AM

Incredible India !

# 54% of cities having an environmental crisis


According to a survey made by WHO, 19 of the 35 most polluted cities in the world are from India, with three of them in the top 6 cities that have a hazardous rate of pollution. Enough said. 

# 18.4 million modern slaves in the country


Modern Slavery includes forced marriage, forced child labour, prostitution and what not that includes violation of human rights; and India is by far the biggest offender. Not a proud thing to say, is it?

# 120 million religious people at the Kumbh Mela


Yes, you read it right. 120 million people were present at the Kumbh Mela held at Allahabad, making it the biggest religious festival in the world; and yes, that picture has a glimpse of a sea of people that were present for the mela. 

# 1.324 billion residents in India


With a massive population of 1.324 billion residents in the country, it is yet to surpass China, and the days are not far when it will. The population of India is 10 times that of the continent of Africa which is 1.216 billion. Seriously?

# 2,400 students succumbing every year due to low grades


Yeah, really. 2,400 students are committing suicide every year in the country because of low grades and this method of studying which values grades over knowledge. When will this change? 

# 23 million passengers on trains


About 23 million people travel by trains every day, which is the total population of Australia. Isn't that funny? 

# 800 million litres of alcohol craving


Can you believe that half of the whiskey produced in the world is being consumed by India? Me neither. But, that's the truth!

# 25.6 billion views on T-Series


With a huge number of 25.6 billion views over the internet, T-Series has been the home to amazing Bollywood numbers and has surpassed many of the famous singers worldwide. 

# 4.031 average size


With Indian men ranking 112th in the world's penis sizes, it averages to about 4.031 inches. Very unimpressive. 

# Churchill's debt of rupees 13


Former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill owes 13 rupees to one of the bars in Bengaluru, which amounts to about 35,000 now and his name is still on their list of outstanding dues. 

# 1.2 million attendance for IIT


A whopping number of 1.2 million students appeared once for an IIT exam. SO MUCH COMPETITION!

# 218 million residents in UP


If Uttar Pradesh were a country, it would have been the fifth-most-populous country, surpassing Brazil's population. Covering 100,000 square miles of area, it is a home of 200 million people. Whoa !

# 45% inherited life


About 45% of wealthy people of our country have inherited their wealth from their ancestors and also through politics. Lazy people alert!

# $1 billion House


Most expensive house of the country, which cost about $1 billion to only make it, Antilla, has only one family in it. Truly magnificent, Mr Ambani!

# 46 million gun holders


Scary as it sounds, 46 million people in India hold guns in their hands and are second to only America (310 million). However, when considered one among 100 people, it stands nowhere in the list.

# $12 billion every year on band, baaja, baarat and bride


Yes, we Indians spend about 1/5th of our lifelong earnings only for one event, "wedding". I'm not surprised by this. Are you?

# $600 billion worth gold


The women of our country hold more gold than the reserves of USA, IMF, Switzerland and Germany combined. Really, India?

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