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18 Deadly Parasites Which May Live Inside You To Kill You Unknowingly

Published on: 22/11/17 10:08 AM

They might be living inside you and killing you!

You never know how dangerous something can get until you face it. Everyday things you do for entertainment and recreation can land you in troubles unknowingly. A perfect example for this is a parasite. A parasite may hit you anytime, any place and it can range from terrifying to disgusting. They also have the capability to take your life or to the least cause you a life-changing injury. You think they are found only in the dirty places? Then you’re wrong my friend.
Let’s have a look!

1. Ascaris


Most common parasites that enter into your body when you drink unclean water. They enter your lungs and move further to your intestines and come out of your butt in a normal excretory form. They are usually found in Latin America. 

2. Candiru


Make sure you are careful when you pee near rivers, especially in South America, because these parasitic swimming fish find their ways to male penis and women vaginas and drink the blood from there. These are also called as the vampire fish because they find a way to your wounds and reach out for the blood. Disgusting!

3. Onchocerca


According to the WHO estimates, there are more than 25 million people infected with this parasitic ring worm. They tend to get under your skin through the black fly and cause you itching, rashes and then partial or complete blindness.

4. Screw Worm


These parasitic worms eat flesh from inside. Yes, you read it right!
However, they usually attack only on animals and are found in India, America, Kuwait and Africa.

5. The Horsehair Worm


Nematomorpha or the Horsehair worm can enter your body. They don't do much damage but can be the reason for weird infections according to many cases in Japan.

6. Leeches


These blood-sucking parasites latch onto your skin and suck your blood like it's theirs. Once they have a fully satisfied bloody meal, they let go and move. Their bites are not much harmful and can be found anywhere on the Earth. 

7. Bot Fly Larva


This fly which exists mostly in South America, puts larva on your skin. This larva slowly gets underneath and then bursts out when it grows, making your skin blast into splatters. Truly disgusting!

8. Loa Loa


This African Eye Worm moves into your body with the help of deer fly bite. It eventually makes way to your eyes and causes irritation, the treatment of which can be really painful. They are usually spotted in Central Africa.

9. Filarial Worm


These worms make you physically deformed. Usually spotted in Asia, they transfer into your blood through mosquitos. Beware!

10. Hook Worm


The hookworm larvae have a tendency to travel all over your body from hands to mouth, to lungs and to intestines. They get into your skin from the ground at any time and can cause havoc. They are usually found in the USA and other developed countries.

11. Chigoe Flea


These tiny worms eat your skin, flesh and the blood eventually. They are barely visible and can be found in any part of the world. Mostly prevalent in Africa.

12. Guinea Worm


Usually spotted in Middle-East and Asia, this one's a nightmare because it has no cure. It enters through contaminated water and kills you forever. 

13. Whipworm


Whipworm causes diarrhoea. It enters your body through contaminated vegetables and food. 

14. Giardia Intestinalis


This comes along with contaminated water and causes only vomiting and diarrhoea in very few cases. Sigh!

15. Toxoplasma Gondii


This parasite mostly attacks animals and causes body aches with an affected immune system. It targets the cats usually.

That's all, for today!

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