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18 Definitions Of Love , Lust And S*x According To Urban Dictionary Which Are True As Well As Funny.

Published on: 6/10/18 7:29 AM

Did you ever know the difference between love and lust

Love, lust, and sex always be the part of the debate. Everyone gives their opinion about the difference between love and lust, but most people do not have the correct answer. Here are some definitions that the people shared on the Urban dictionary to keep their view of it, some of those are true and even some are funny.

Definition of ‘Love’



— Anonymous


— antigamer.com


— T3h MeECher


— Reback


— ‘Annony’


— averywiseman

Definition of ‘Sex’

— (v.j.o)


— DGlaze


— MissRatty


— Nik




  Bobby Jim Bob Jimmy

Definition of ‘Lust’

  —  Tori


—dj gs68








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