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20 Creative Road Safety Slogan Teaches, Why You Need To Follow Road Rules

Published on: 8/08/18 9:54 AM

Following the road, rules are not just important for your life but also for other. If a person on the road does not drive according to the rules, then he can make many other people as a victim of an accident with the road accident.

The road accident experiences are very dangerous and for some people, they become a canker of whole life.
You will be surprised to know that in every four minutes in India, a person’s life lost in a road accident and more than 15,000 lakh people lost their lives in a road accident every year.

The biggest cause of this road accident is to drink and drive.

The traffic police, time to time, brings the creative slogan associated with road safety to increase awareness of road rules in the people. Out of these slogans here are 20 Creative Road Safety Slogan Teaches Why You Need To Follow Road Rules….

Road Safety Slogans India

Safe Driving Slogans Indian Road Traffic

Safe Driving Slogan India

road traffic slogans India


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