20 Life Lessons That You Should Master Before You Cross 20 Years Of Age..!!

Published on: 23/04/18 6:10 PM

Remember To Let It Go!

With the growing maturity, there comes a point when we ponder what was the lesson behind this event? Its necessary to disconnect from the world and find time just for yourself. Before you cross the 20 years of age here are some lessons that you should ponder to lead a better life.

1. Change Is Inevitable


People who make you feel cozy can make your world messy in no time. People can change overnight and make you feel out of place in seconds. So watch out! Don’t get too attached to anyone because when they let emotions switch like an on/off button your heart can get brutally damaged. So don’t shy away from showing the exit door to such temporary people or feelings.

2. Selfish People Exists

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Some are just less selfish than the others but the fact remains people in this world are selfish. Fewer people are real to the core as they don’t intend to use you.

3. Dressing Up Matters


Sometimes looking your best matter especially when you are going to be surrounded by a group of competitors who aim to compete with you. Dressing up plays an important role in letting your haters know you rock your world with your styling tips.

4. You Can’t Be Friends With Your Exes


Even if you try to befriend with your ex the fact remains same that feelings can’t be undone. As there is no button to revert feelings. So being friends with them will not work out.

5. Closure In Relationship Is Important


A relationship that offers nothing but tears is not something you shouldn’t go for. Closure of relationship is needed especially when it’s heading towards pain and suffering.

6. Your Best Friends Can’t Be There


Your best friend can’t always be the shoulder to cry. As they might not be with you when you need them, so learn to handle your sorrows on your own.

7. It Doesn’t Heal


Just because you love someone doesn’t mean it’s going to heal your life. Because love marriages have problems too. So, understand the fact that it can’t fix everything for you. As the person who hurted you can never be the one fixing it up.

8. It Can Happen More Than Once


Love is a beautiful feeling that can hit you more than one. Yes, it can. Psychology has proven instances, where people have fallen in love. As a person can fall in love for only three times in their life. All it takes is the arrival of the right person at the right time to fix you for the right reason.

9. Let It Go


As soon as you meet new people on your way, you will realize that sometimes it doesn’t hurt seeing people leave your life. So let them go as the right ones will always find a reason to stay in your life.

10. Difference Between Infatuation and Love


Admit the fact that you are not always wise to know the difference between infatuation and love even when you are a grown-up as mature adults.

11. Scene Creators Exists


Some people will never be nice to you even if you are nice to them. As some people seek problem in everything. They are born to create a scene and will die falling into the pit of their bad deeds.

12. Never Lie To The People Who Support You


Lying has never helped anyone, so never lie to the ones who are your support system because if you hide it from them, they will not be able to save you when the truth is uncovered by a third party.

13. Being Busy


Getting busy is not a solution to all problems but a temporary escape for those who wish to avoid problematic people. Its all about priorities as no one is ever busy to not revert to you unless you rank last on their priority list.

14. Broken Can Be Fixed


A Heart is never too old, that it can’t be fixed again. Every broken thing is meant to be fixed. But all you need is the patience to wait for the right person to walk in and fix it for you.

15. You Find Better


Even if you meet temporary people there exist fair chances that you will make you meet the right one soon. If you are lucky enough you will find better friends in your 20s itself.

16. Safe Place Is No Place


No place is safe when we talk about a girl. As society has made reasons that frame a girl to be wrong be it a rape or about wearing a dress. Some lack the maturity that a dress doesn’t invite men it’s the lack of self-control in men that is not been taught to them.

17. Learn To Keep A Point


As soon as you develop with your set of values and believes you tend to see the world from a different perspective. We are never too old to learn about keeping our points politely. Sometimes parents may be wrong but we have to keep a point without being rude to them to make them convey what we wish to make them understand.

18. Hiding Emotions


If you choose to hide your emotions from the world, there is no harm in it. Its way easier than expressing emotions to an emotionless person and which will help us safeguard our emotions.

19. Stay Alone Not Toxic


It’s better to be alone than being in a toxic relationship. So break up with toxic people who steal your happiness and make you lose your original self.

20. Failures


Learn to deal with the most heartbreaking word- “Failure”. As its a part of life but undoubtedly not the worst thing of life. As the one who failed created a history for themselves. So embrace if you fail as that gave birth to greatest leaders of our country.

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