Famous Singer Daler Mehndi Sentenced To 2 Years Imprisonment In 2003 Human Trafficking Case

Published on: 16/03/18 6:07 PM

It is confirmed, the famed Indian singer Daler Mehndi is convicted in the 2003 Human Trafficking case. The Patiala court has found him guilty and sentenced him behind the bars for two years.

DALER-MEHNDI - Sentenced to Jail - Human Trafficking Case

Daler Mehndi and his brother Shamsher were accused of sending people abroad illegally and charging them an expensive fee. As per available details, Shamsher and Mr. Mehndi used to include people in their dance troop and illegally send them abroad. Hence now the charges are proven, the fans may not hear his voice for the upcoming 2 years.

What is the case?

People had accused Daler Mehndi and his brother Shamsher Singh of charging an expensive passage fee. It is proven now that Mr. Mehndi and his brother took two different troops to the United States of America as his crew members. He dropped those so-called troop members illegally in the US.


It was also revealed later that Daler Mehndi had dropped three girls at San Francisco city and also at New Jersey city during 1999. A case was registered against the Singer and his brother. More than 35 people came up with more complaints and charges against Mr. Mehndi and his brother.

The complainants told the police about how the two brothers charged a bulky fee as the passage money to drop them abroad in an illegal way. They were trying to illegally migrate to the USA but failed in this attempt.

The Patiala police took it as a serious matter and raided Daler Mehndi’s office at Delhi’s CP. The police confiscated many documents. These documents revealed how Daler Mehndi and his brother were working as a human trafficking expert to earn extra money.

The police had found him innocent during 2006

It was 2006 when the Patiala Police was considering Daler Mehndi innocent during 2006. It had filed two discharge petitions during that time and Mr. Mehndi was considered innocent at that time. It was only the police considering him innocent, but the court had said that there are enough pieces of evidence against him to continue further investigation. So, finally, the necessary evidence presented in the Patiala Court and Daler Mehndi found guilty.