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22 Of The Most Brutal Ways in Which Women Were Forced To Have Abortions

Published on: 13/11/17 5:29 PM

Some of the most painful ways of abortion.

Some of the inhumane methods of abortion which will make you feel so bad for the women who went through it. 

1. Hitting their stomachs with meat pulverizer or brickbats


Women used to hit their stomach with devices hoping for a miscarriage. 

2. Throwing themselves down stairs


Women used to throw themselves down the stairs hoping for a miscarriage as an injury in the lower abdomen was believed to cause one. 

3. Resort to hypothermia


Some of the women also used to resort to hypothermia where their temperatures go down below 35 degrees, hoping the fetus gets rejected. 

4. Shoving leeches inside their vagina


Some of them believed that the leeches would enter the place where the foetus is present and will suck the blood and hence kill it. 

5. Inserting chemical substances into the vagina


Lysol, Alum and Permanganate were believed to kill the foetus because of their extreme properties. 

6. Drinking the toxic Pennyroyal tea


This used to be one of the effective methods in which it killed both the baby and the mother in a few cases. Extremely dangerous!

7. Squatting over a pot of boiling onions


According to the Sanskrit texts, this was one of the recommended methods to get rid of the foetus. 

8. Enema syringe with soap solutions


Enema syringe was introduced into the vagina with soap solutions that helped them damage the fetus. 

9. Urinary catheters, forceps and speculums.


Horrible instruments like these were used by doctors back then because they didn't want to get known as abortionists. Imagine how scary it is to kill a baby with forceps? How brutal!

10. Coat hangers or knitting needles


Coat hangers and knitting needles were used to detach the fetus from the mother body. Sigh!

11. Toxic plants infused into cocktails


Toxic substances from local plants were introduced into the cocktails to consume. These toxins were believed to kill the foetus. 

12. Tampons with infectious mixture


Tampons were made with an infectious mixture which consisted of camel hair, crushed ants, foam from camels' mouths and tail hairs of black-tail deer that were dissolved in dear fat. These tampons once inserted into the vagina would kill the foetus by causing infection to it. 

13. Bath in steaming water


They used to take a bath in extremely hot water hoping the fetus would be unable to bear it and vaginal membranes get opened, rejecting the fetus. 

14. Shock Therapy


Pregnant women were given shock therapy, which was believed to be an effective method to kill the foetus. 

15. Strenuous activities


Women used to be resorted to tiring and heavy activities, while some of them also used to get shaken vigorously by strong men to fail the foetus.  

16. Wearing tight fitting clothes


Some of the women believed that tight fitting clothes would lead to the death of the foetus. 

17. Starving to the death of the foetus.


Some pregnant women used to starve so much that it would eventually lead to the death of the foetus. 

18. Bleeding dry in the hope of menstruation


Some women used to be asked to bleed dry hoping menstruation would occur, leading to abortion. 

19. Consume drugs


Opium, ergot or tansy oil which destroy the internal organs were asked to be consumed to kill the foetus. 

20. Consumption of a pulverized Spanish fly


This is one of the most poisonous insects, and women didn't mind consuming it for the death of the foetus. 

21. Swallowing iye or gun powder


Some helpless woman used to get a hold of the gunpowder or iye available and consume them in a hope to kill the foetus. 

22. Usage of whalebone or turkey feathers


Whalebone and Turkey feathers which were long enough to reach the uterus were used to detach the foetus from the body. 

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