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25 Things You Need To Know About The Most Dreadful Disease HIV

Published on: 30/11/17 9:54 AM

Surprising facts about HIV.

HIV is probably the most dreadful of all the sexually transmitted diseases. It is a virus that spreads slowly in your body and eventually kills you. It is also the most feared disease and has claimed the lives of many millions across the globe. Not only does this disease have no medicine, but also there is a lot of misinformation that is being spread among the people. Like they say, ignorance is better than having misinformation. How much do you know about HIV? Are you sure it is the right information?
Let us find out:

1. Symptoms of HIV


Within two to four weeks of the virus entering your body, it shows effects in the form of flu. And, as a result, many of them think that it is just the normal flu and does not need any tests regarding it. The symptoms include: fever, swollen glands, sore throat, rashes, fatigue, headache, aches and pains in muscles and joints.

2. Could remain undetectable for many years


Most of the people recover from their flu-like symptoms and do not experience them for years together, thus making it undetectable.

3. Frequent tests


The worst part of this disease is that some people don't even get to know about the symptoms even after 10 years of it getting detected. Hence, they need to get tested regularly even if the symptoms are not present; not sure if they are really affected or not.

4. Survival of virus


The virus of is so powerful, that it can survive in syringes up to four weeks, even after the HIV infected blood has been flushed out of the syringe. 

5. Power of HIV


This virus can also survive in dried blood at room temperature up to 5-6 days; provided the blood maintains optimum pH level.

6. Composition of the virus

The virus surrounds itself with sugar molecules that fool the body into thinking that it is a nutrient and hence enters the immune system; destroying it slowly. 

7. Position in the U.S.


In U.S., around 1,148,200 of the age 13 and older are currently HIV positive.

8. Recognition


One of the six HIV positive patients in U.S. has no idea that they are affected. 

9. Spreading of the virus


Every year, about 50,000 people in the U.S. get infected with HIV.

10. Statistics of HIV


In 2001, there were around 29.8 million people living with HIV around the globe; which increased drastically to 35 million people in the year 2013. According to scientists, these statistics have been increased owing to new infections; but also the older HIV patients living longer with the help of research and treatments.

11. Rate of HIV being spread per minute


For every 9.5 minutes, someone in the United States is being attacked by the HIV virus.

12. Highest number of cases


With 112.5 per 100,000 people being attacked by the virus in 2010, The District of Columbia has the highest AIDS case rate when compared to any U.S. state or territory.

13. Black and white Americans


The black Americans are more prone to HIV than the white ones. The rates of HIV infection among the blacks is eight times greater than the whites in U.S. 

14. Highest reported cases


Nearly 68% of the cases of HIV infection comes from the sub-Saharan Africa

15. Death of women


This virus is the primary cause of death among women who are of the reproductive age.

16. Age group


According to the survey conducted in 2011, 41-49 year old were the highest number of people affected by HIV.

17. First case to be reported


The first person to ever get attacked by the HIV virus was a citizen of the Democratic Republic of Cong, whose blood was collected and tested in 1959. However, according to the scientists, the first infection can date back to 1940s or early 1950s.

18. Origin of HIV


HIV first originated in chimp and monkey populations and later was passed to African hunters who may have been scratched or bitten by them. 

19. HIV myths to be busted


The following activities will not give you any risk of being infected by HIV virus:
Breathing the same air as HIV patient
Using the same utensils or gym equipment
Touching a toilet seat, toothbrush or doorknob
Sharing a drinking glass or water fountain
Hugging, kissing, shaking hands or touching someone with HIV

Also, mosquitoes cannot spread HIV through bites.

20. HIV is a government conspiracy


About 30% of the African-Americans believe that it is a government conspiracy that aimed at killing a specific group of individuals; however, it is likely due to socioeconomic inequalities that caused a widespread of the disease due to lack to knowledge. 

21. PrEP and its power


PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis which is the only medicines for AIDS. A single-pill every day can help stop the HIV virus from taking hold of your body and spreading it when you are exposed to the virus. This is a perfect preventive measure.

22. More facts about PrEP


It builds up slowly in the vaginal tissue when compared to the rectal tissues. It can take as long as 20 days to help effectively protect the vaginal tissue. However, make sure you use those condoms before having penetrative to protect you from any such kind of diseases!

23. DC comics related to HIV


In the year 1988, DC comics came up with a new villain names Hemo-Goblin. He was the typical HIV infected villain who used to spread the disease to everyone in the town and mostly the minorities. He hardly lasted for an issue of The New Guardians.

24. Bizzare African practices


Malawi, an African country had a belief that a widow should sleep with someone after the death of her husband. They used to refer to it as 'widow-cleansing' and believed that if she did not do it, her husband will come and curse her entire family. This was one of the main reasons why it was widely spread among the women.

Some Africans also believed that the virus can enter your body by witchcraft or by angry ancestors who would curse you.

25. Brutal killing of albinos


In Tanzania, it was believed that raping an albino girl can cure AIDS, and hence many of them used to rape them; and some of them even used to kill them and use their blood, hair or other body parts for curing AIDS.

Hey, That's all folks. Hope you have got all the necessary information about this deadly disease. So, Be careful and have safe sex.

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