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5 Amazing Artificial Intelligence Technology Trends To Focus On In 2018

Published on: 20/04/18 5:10 PM


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When the machines do intelligent work by using their own intelligence, it is called Artificial Intelligence. The AI technology is still new but it’s evolved enough to make machines more useful and productive. Big brands like Google and Amazon are investing a lot of time and money to improve the capability of machines.

You may think AI is limited to robotics but in reality, it has a much broader reach. The leading research agencies are constantly trying to improve the AI technology. It can have the potential of improving the productivity and reducing the cost.

The AI technology is not only puzzling people but also frightening them. There are innumerable possibilities in which AI can be a boon or a curse. The future is dependent on how this technology evolves with time. We get new AI trends every year to watch for. Let’s find out what amazing the AI Technology can offer this year.

It will empower the robotic workforce 

It is no more a secret that the AI-powered robots will replace the workers to perform labor-intensive jobs. There will be more robots in the assembly lines than human workers.

Industries would like to invest in these machines because it will reduce the hiring cost of human workers. It will increase productivity and reduce offshoring and outsourcing of work.

AI Technology Current Trend of Using Robotic Work force


The dominance of AI-powered weapons

World’s most powerful countries are now altering their war strategies. Countries like the USA, Russia, China, Israel, India, UK, and France have either developed or bought the AI-powered weapons.

It is obvious that the world’s leading military powers will use the AI-powered weapons to prove their dominance. You should not be amazed if drones, anti-aircraft missiles, guns, and other AI-powered weapons will play a major role in the future wars.

Chinese dominance in the realm of AI

The USA has been the leading technology provider for several decades. Now it is China’s time to prove its dominance. The Chinese government is spending a lot of money on products like intelligent logistics to military applications, smart agriculture equipment, improved home automation systems, and other AI-powered apps.

latest innovations in AI technology


The recent statistics show that Chinese AI startups have gained about 48% of all the profit earned by AI-based startups across the globe. The Chinese tech experts are also publishing 6-times more patents than published in the western nations. Therefore, China is more likely to emerge as a dominant country in the realm of artificial intelligence.

AI platforms will replace skilled professionals

When we say skilled professionals, it includes consultants, lawyers, financial advisors, etc. All of these pros will face a tough competition from AI-powered platforms in the future. The unskilled or semi-skilled individuals may not even get a chance.

Replacing Skilled Professionals through Robots - AI Trends 2018


The AI enabled applications will provide more efficient solutions for all the legal issues. These apps will reduce the cost, save time, and offer better solutions than many pros. Therefore, the AI-powered machines may grab the jobs of deserving agencies, such as law firms.

Voice assistants will make your life much easier

Google Home and Amazon Echo have proven that how wonderful your life can be if you have a voice assistant. The AI technology will improve a lot in the future. It will provide you with a human-like virtual assistant that will perform all the jobs for you. Amazon Echo is just a glimpse of what an AI-powered voice assistant can do.

Our world is going to change within a few years. Yes, it is AI that will play a major role in changing our world for good.


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