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5 Amazing Ethnic Outfits For Men That Make Women Swoon…

Published on: 25/10/19 3:04 PM

ethnic wear male outfits in india - @BuzzHawkerMedia

One of the things that makes me, a 24 year old single Indian woman, eagerly wait for the wedding season, are the scores of hot guys walking around in traditional Indian and ethnic wear, in all its royal glory.

One thing that an Indian woman would never tell you, an Indian man, is that suits and shirts are good enough, but nothing attracts us more towards a guy than a tone down, sober, ethnic dress. And if you have the right body…

Indian Women when seeing men in traditional indian attire


So here is my list of amazing male ethnic dress styles that would definitely make heads turn…


1. Traditional Black or White Pathani Suit:

Traditional Black or White Pathani Suit - @BuzzHawkerMedia


The only time I felt attracted to Shah Rukh Khan was when he donned that Miya Bhai avatar in ‘Raees’ amped by kohl-lined eyes, and that made me think….is the Pathani Suit hot? The verdict:

Oh-yeah-wat a great indian ethnic look


2. Kurta Pyjama with a Contrast Color Jacket

Kurta Pyjama with a Contrast Color Jacket - @BuzzHawkerMedia

If there has to be an Indian equivalent of a work-slash-party suit, this would be it. To all the boys I tell you the secret to exactly what is the kurta-jacket daze…This traditional wear, to most Indians, is something that middle-aged to elder people wear.

It is also seen as a choice of attire for political leaders. Therefore, a young man who dons this outfit is a mature, leader of a man indeed! It gives a mature and sophisticated vibe, and if you are a hunk, well …

sharam aa rahi hai - ky dikh rahe ho - @BuzzHawkerMedia


3.The Sherwani

The Sherwani - Top 5 indian ethnic looks- @BuzzhawkerMedia


The with/out Jacket Kurta, the Pathani, all of them are good enough if you’re a groomsman. But when it comes to the wedding day, there is nothing that comes even close to the Sherwani. It’s a match made in heaven, y’all!


4. Bengali-style Dhoti Kurta:

Bengali-style Dhoti Kurta - Best Ethnic look from bengal - @BuzzHawkerMedia

We may typecast them with funny accents and Roshogullas, but there is just something about the Bengali culture that is just irresistible, especially vis-à-vis their attire: Come on, you have to admit, we all have wished to be a part of that community at one point in our lives. For me, its whenever I see their weddings; the cultural richness is on a whole other level. And the view of guys with their traditional garb is just an added advantage.


5. Sherwani with Dhoti:

Sherwani with Dhoti - Top ethnic look in india - @BuzzHawkerMedia


There aren’t that many upper garments that go with Dhoti without looking too much. With all the frills in a Dhoti, you’d think that a sober dress, such as a long kurta of a neutral color and no details would suit it. And it’s mostly true, except, of course, in the case of a Sherwani.

Both Sherwani and Dhoti have a lot of character, individually, and yet, paired together, they look even better.

good looking wow - indian ethnic look & costumes - @BuzzHawkerMedia

People get married to solidify their commitment. But people attend weddings to look good!

And now that you know what attracts women, and what to wear in both cases, how are you going to rock the wedding season?

Irresistible look....hmmmm - Tempting Ethnic indian looks - @BuzzHawkerMedia

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