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5 Astonishing Underwater Museums In The World

Published on: 20/12/18 1:15 PM

Underwater Museums from around the world

Are you a SCUBA diver? If yes, then get ready to explore these coolest underwater museums! You’ll be amazed to see the contemporary arts at these underwater museums.

Museo Subacuático de Arte (MUSA)

This monumental underwater contemporary museum of art called MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) was formed in the waters surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Punta Nizuc.  In an effort to repair some of the region’s damaged coral reef, artworks are made from specialized materials that will promote coral life and are tethered to the seabed. This underwater contemporary art museum has over 500 permanent monumental sculptures in the waters.

Herod’s Harbor, Israel

In 2006, Herod’s Harbor was opened as an underwater museum focused on one of the largest ports of the Roman Empire, inaugurated in 10 BCE. Visitors can float from exhibition to exhibition to see a ruined lighthouse, original foundations, anchors and pedestals. There are 36 different sign-posted sites along four marked trails of the sunken harbor. Visitors are also given a water-proof map. One trail is accessible to snorkelers while the others are all designed for beginning divers.

Museo Atlántico Lanzarote was inspired by MUSA in Mexico and is the first underwater contemporary art museum in Europe. This museum was opened in the year 2016. The installations focus to bring attention to environmental and climate change issues as well as create a new marine habitat for the Canary Islands. Here, the dive instructors lead detailed tours of the nearly 300 sculptures.

Shipwreck Trail 

In this underwater archaeological site, divers can explore a trail of historic shipwrecks. There are 9 ships along this Shipwreck Trail which have many tales to tell. The oldest shipwreck is the San Pedro which left Havana Cuba bound for Spain in 1733. The youngest is the Thunderbolt built during World War II.

Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park is one of the most popular snorkeling sites is an underwater gallery of sculptures. From Vicissitudes to The Silent Cry, these sculptures provide a highly attractive and stunning array of varied marine life.

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