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5 Big Barriers That Will Prevent Nokia From Becoming The Market Leader Again

Published on: 24/04/18 4:30 PM

Nokia has ruled the mobile phone industry for a long time. Its cost-effective, durable, and feature-rich phones used to be the first choice of millions of buyers. There was a time when Nokia used to sell millions of units each day and then it failed.

The market was flooded with the iOS and Android devices. Nokia was unable to match their features. It had gone out of the market for a while and that Nokia Downfall was a big shock.

Now Nokia is back with a new range of Android smartphones. Many people believe that Nokia cannot draw the buyers again. There are some strong reasons to believe it and those are as follows:

1. There is a tough competition now

tough competition for Nokia in smartphones Source

There was a time when Nokia used to be one of the most reliable mobile phone brands. Those days are over and many other mobile phone brands have succeeded by replacing Nokia. Now people like those new phones which offer numerous modern features. The competition is quite tough and Nokia’s expensive phones may not survive against other cheap smartphones.

2. Nokia has lost people’s trust


When other brands were struggling to find customers, Nokia was selling millions of units across the world. Nokia’s downfall had started with the commencement of the Smartphone age. Nokia tried to match the levels with the iPhone and other brands by developing Microsoft platform based phones. This strategy did not work because those phones were not as effective as new Android or iOS smartphones.

That’s where Nokia went wrong and that’s why its sales were reduced. The buyers may think that Nokia’s new phones may also not meet their demands. Therefore, they may prefer other brands over Nokia.

3. Poor marketing plans

Failure in Marketing Plans - NokiaSource

Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, LG, Motorola, all of these smartphone brands are competing head-to-head with one another. They are investing in great marketing tactics and the results are working. These brands are selling a lot of phones across the globe and Nokia’s marketing strategy seems quite poor.

Why would someone buy a Nokia smartphone if he/she does not know anything about that product? These phones are a mystery to many people and that’s because of poor marketing tactics applied by Nokia.

4. The Cost

Unable to provide smartphones at affordable pricesSource

It is true that Nokia is using quality components to develop its devices, but the prices are not too impressive. Companies like Motorola, Xiaomi, and Lenovo are offering smartphones with the same specs at quite affordable prices. Nokia is relatively new in comparison to those brands and therefore it may not get a huge number of customers in the budget segment.

5. Ignoring the Key Marketplaces:

Nokia is unable to tap countries like indiaSource

India has always been the key marketplace for Nokia. Billions of Indians used to use only Nokia mobile phones but now India is not Nokia’s first priority.

Nokia had brought its budget smartphones in India quite late, even after launching them in China. The Indians do not like Nokia anymore and such delays can close all the door of success for Nokia.