5 Common Food Alternatives That Can Fight Hair Fall

Published on: 30/08/18 10:45 AM

Hair fall- A Common Problem!

Someone has rightly said- You are what you eat! Everything, you feed impacts your body. So for a quality lifestyle, it is necessary to intake proper diet for growing healthy hairs. As it will not only protect you from acne outburst but will also help your skin appear flawless. Intake the healthy food is what your hairs shout to you. Let’s know about all those food items that will rescue hair fall problem.

Intake Of Guava

Guava rich in Vitamin C strengthening hair

Do you know guava is rich in the vitamin? Yes, its rich in Vitamin C that is good for strengthening the hairs from breakage. So girl now you know what you need in your life.


Cinnamon helps in blood circulation reducing hair lose

Cinnamon is also good when it comes to hair care. And is capable of increasing the blood circulation. Add a small portion of cinnamon powder to your diet for best results. Observe how your hair fall will start reducing, gradually.


Lentils - Best Losing Hairs Food

If you are not a lover of masoor ki daal, here is a reason why you are losing hairs? Because this daal is rich is diet and is responsible for hair growth. These lentils are rich in iron and protein.

Eggs And Yogurt

Eggs - improve scalp and reduce hair fall

Intaking these two food products in your diet will help in reducing hair fall. Both curd and egg will boost the blood circulation and help improve scalp. That will protect you from hair thinning and hair fall.



And last but not the least its almonds are rich in fiber as well as protein content. And are also rich in manganese and selenium content. So it helps in bringing back the lost shine and strengthening the hairs.

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