5 Major Symptoms Of Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

Published on: 1/05/18 6:35 PM

It can be challenging to deal with kids. You cannot predict how they will behave if you do not meet their demands. Some kids simply get sad and roughen if things do not go according to them. Normal estrangement does not last for a long time. It can if the kid is not suffering from Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Things may get a bit disturbing and worrisome for the parents if the kid has frequent irritability. The symptoms would be anger, defiance, arguing, and vindictiveness behavior towards the elders.

The parents try their best to prevent their kids against ODD. Kids suffering from ODD behave quite different. It would be easier to recognize an ODD patient if you know the symptoms of this disease. Here are the symptoms.

1. Angry Mood

 Oppositional Defiant Disorder Symptoms - Angry MoodSource

The little kids may get angry if you hurt them. There is nothing to worry about it. The short-tempered and touchy kids can be ODD patients. They cannot manage with it if somebody hurts their feelings. The anger will increase with time and the parents may find it a bit difficult to deal with such kids if not treated quickly.

2. Irritable Behavior

Is it difficult to please your kid? He or she might not find it easy to interact and play with other kids if his irritable mood has become a problem for others. The techy kids do not feel comfortable with everybody. Their parents feel worried. Such a behavior does not suit a small kid or teenager. It can create troubles for your child. The irritable mood is a symptom of ODD. It is a curable issue and it would be too quick to worry about kid’s future without meeting an expert.

3. Defiant and Argumentative Behavior

The little kids look very cute when they argue with the elders. There are many videos of kids arguing with their parents. That is not a symptom of ODD. When it is almost impossible to go against the will of a defiant kid or teen and argue with him, it is the symptom of ODD. You may like to meet an expert if the incidents of an intense argument are increasing day by day.

4. Vindictiveness

Nature of Kids Suffering from ODD - Vindictiveness


Is it hard for him to forget and forgive someone who hurt him? It is vindictiveness and this should not be the nature of your kid. The vindictive behavior can get worse and the kid may get spiteful with every passing year. Parents must meet an ODD specialist to start the cure as soon as possible.

5. Psychological symptoms

There are several psychological symptoms that indicate a kid or teen is suffering from Oppositional Defiant Disorder or not. These symptoms include loss of self-esteem, trouble in making new friends, strong negativity, and frequent feeling of annoyance. You will have to recognize these symptoms if he or she is a small kid. The teens can express their feelings so it would be easier to diagnose the symptoms and cure it.

Though there is no particular method of preventing ODD, positive parenting can help you a lot. Notice how your kid behaves when angry and sad. It will help you in recognizing the symptoms. Make an appointment to meet the doctor if your kid shows all the symptoms of Oppositional Defiant Disorder. The problem will not get worse because the doctor will provide adequate aid to deal with it. Be proactive and good parents because that’s how you can take the best care of your kid.

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