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5 Reasons Why Virat Kohli’s NUEVA is the Next Place to go?

Published on: 5/08/17 11:14 AM

With the plethora of offerings as well as elegant ambiance, here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Virat Kohli's NUEVA is the Next Place to go?

Nestled in one of the most popular places in Delhi, Nueva is just becoming the new destination restaurant for every food lover. With the plethora of offerings as well as elegant ambiance, Virat Kohli‘s new restaurant Nueva offers American Cuisine at it’s best! Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Virat Kohli’s NUEVA is the Next Place to go?

1. Chef Michael Swamy


Nueva is just a brainchild of the renowned chef, stylist, writer and even a photographer- Michael Swamy. Out of the Top 50 Chefs in India, he has been awarded many times. Thus it can be easily claimed that the food at Nueva is just going to be something mesmerizing. Every item on the menu is just set o be an edible piece of art which most of us would like. Michael Swamy has his own reputation of making things the perfect!

2. The Elegant Ambience


One of the key reasons why you must visit Nueva is because of the Elegant ambiance. This place is indeed divided into two sections where the ground floor is designed as a bar/lounge and while it is structured with a spiral staircase. It is exceptionally a fine dining area that has a view of the glass walled kitchen. The decor of Nueva is done exceptionally with a white and gold theme! It gives you a very regal atmosphere to spend a quality time with your food!

3. Bodacious Beverages


While you can find a fine dining shape above, you can also enjoy the flavor of the best beverages below. Nueva features with a list of fine dining as well as engulfed with impressive mock tails. Que Melon as well as Baya Beso are indeed a must try that might bring the spirit of joy! There are indeed many more drinks on the offer but the signature ones are indeed something which you have to try out!

4. Foodgasm


Known to be as Specialists in South American Food, the menu boasts from many other continental dishes and countries like Spain, Italy, France as well as Asian Food. The restaurant brings up a variety of unique and signature dishes which are bound to tease your taste buds. Apart from the sumptuous food, you can also find many more beverages!

5. Virat Kohli


The Indian Skipper is always the favorite of all. Especially when he himself is a foodie has his own choices of foods as well! If you are a fan of cricket, then a visit to Nueva is always the place to come in face to face with Virat!