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5 Recently Unseen Actors who we’d Love To See Again on The Big Screen

Published on: 12/03/20 11:53 AM

Actors We Miss Watching on Screen

Some actors work their entire life to achieve the kind of name that every actor wishes for, like Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Others are pushed into super stardom the moment they hit the cameras and carry it always with them, like Ranbir Kapoor.

And yet there are some, who make an impressive start, receive the praise, and then use that stardom to do films that speak to them.

That may be good for the professional satisfaction of these actors, but as audience, we wish that we see them more often.

Presenting you with a list of such actors who we wish would return with better movies and surprise us yet again.

  1. Barun Sobti

Romantic Serials can't be complete without Barun Sobti - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doo -Actors We Miss Watching on Screen

Barun Sobti made quite the splash, albeit on the small screen, when he starred as Arnav Singh Raizada in “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doo”. Even though it was the small screen, it was clear that this talented actor had star quality, meant for the big screen. He even did quite a few movies, but none of them could make a mark. Compared to other actors on this list, he has not completely vanished, but we wish that he would not lapse back into romantic serials and return to the big screen with a bang.

2. Imaad Shah

Naseeruddin Shah's son Imaad Shah - Dil Dosti - Actors We Miss Watching on Screen

With an incredible role in the film “Dil Dosti etc.”, Imaad Shah had made it clear that he, the son of powerhouses Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah, was a talented actor himself. But the films that he went on to do were less than impressive. Nonetheless, we would love to see him in other films that can give him the glory that he deserves.

3. Rajat Barmecha

Need more Udaan performance Rajat Barmecha - Udaan - Actors We Miss Watching on Screen

Udaan was the one of those initial movies which herald the dawn of a new age in Hindi cinema. Rajat Barmecha had given a stunning performance in the film, but pretty much vanished after that. He went on to do some more less-than-impressive films later, but we are still hoping for a banging comeback that will really prove his mettle.

4. Amole Gupte

Bring back our favourite villian Amole Gupte - Stanley's Tiffin Box - Actors We Miss Watching on Screen

Whether it be corrupt politician Bhope, fraud religious leader Babaji or ‘Khadoos’ hungry Hindi teacher Verma, we have always loved to hate Amole Gupte’s sleazy characters on the silver screen. If we had our way, he would be featured in every film that is worth something.

5. Imran khan

Chocolate boy Imran khan would have grown into serious actor- Actors We Miss Watching on Screen

Not that Imran Khan is an extremely talented actor or anything, but we know through his body of work that he can learn to grow. We think that he could have grown into a serious actor, if his luck hadn’t run out so suddenly. Anyways, he should make a comeback on the silver screen with a great movie.


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